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  1. "...a stellar combo.." ...probably the best description I read so far about the S2. I couldnt agree more... keep up the good work, and thanks for sharing.
  2. ...about that `second glance`. ...very true indeed...tends to forgotten these days...
  3. Random Landscape Typography
  4. Image Title: Snowstruck ( view through my kitchen window after the winter unleashed its full force upon the city of Basel in Switzerland ) -------------------- Shutter : 1 Sec Fstop: 16 ISO 100 -------------------- Post processing: BW conversion from Raw file, Basic Crop, and additional selective Contrast control to enhance structure and dial in vignetting .
  5. Thank You phancj you for getting the ball rollin again. A great opportunity to get our gear out and take some qualty pictures. Thats what its all about in the end. Be passionate about squeezing the trigger on our equipment. Subject and framing in mind. Let there be love. Happy xmas to all...
  6. I have been using the wacom range of products for 9+ years now ever since we got introduced to the early models back in college and value their products a great deal. I am currently using an intuos4 and a cintiq in my studio on two separate workstations and am more than satisfied with their performance in every way. Although we primarlily used them for precision masking in the beginning, it`s found its way into many other apllications as well. Although some of the later addtions, i.e the customisable buttons and other tricks seem to be overkill even for the most hardenend tablet users, I rely
  7. Thanks phancj, still some issues to be resolved though. Will update as results improove. Peace. M
  8. I was not sure wether to start this thread in the Post Proc section, but since this was shot exclusively on the Leica X1 I decided to start this here. For an upcoming job I was testing a few lenses and Tripod callibrations on my Nikon D3x. Having shot panoramas before, I am well aware of the pitfalls of some of the newer lenses or the crazy sunex optics. Mostly I resort to shoot panoramas with very simple 35 mm primes, so as the X1 is a rather new adition to my kit, I thought : why not mount this little machine on the Manfrotto nodal head in an attempt to shoot a Panorama with this nifty l
  9. Welcome to 21st century ... Lieber Horst, Ich versteh nicht wieso man(n) konstant Bilder die als solches nachbearbeitet worden sind auf dieser Wellenlaenge kritisieren muss. Ich hab auch meine Finger und Lungen schmutzig gemacht in der Dunkelkammer ueber Jahre hinweg, und das was Leute heutzutage am Rechner nachbearbeiten ist genau das was wir in der Kammer gemacht haben. Hauptsache der Film ist gut belichtet und dann kann man machen was man will. Analoges feeling hin oder her, aber dein "Unverstandniss" ...oh well. no comment. Ich find die Bilder "Kutterfahrt" super. Vor all
  10. my votes are: -> Firesuite : 3 points -> Phenic :2 Points -> Santdtman : 1 Point
  11. Harmony: Back2Back ---------------------- LEICA X1 F.Stop: 2.8 Exposure : 8 sec ISO: 100 ---------------------- Postprocess: Shot as default colour DNG, open via CameraRaw, Manual BW Conversion through Black and White Adjustment layer and final Levels Adjustment to control contrast and vignette.
  12. cool. kuck mir Die Sache heute in Lightroom mal kurz an da ich Aperature nicht verwende/ habe. Photoshop verwendest du garnicht ?
  13. spot metered for the book/bible as i wanted that to be the brightest spot in the frame and took the raw from there with bracketed +- 3ev with a time trigger as i didtn want to attract attention. didnt have a tripod so rested camera on the armrest with a 2 sec delay. switched off AF assist light and any other helpers that might make my presence known. in short: spot meter for the the brightest spot, and choose the best bracket within 3+- ev. then into Channel mixer/ bw adjustment layer or nik to bring it down to ur bw needs. whatecer suits ur needs. Am happy to post a proper tutorial includ
  14. truly spoken,...people tend to forget what an awesome machine this litte biest can be. Instead of users complaining about details it lacks and blocking their creativity by doing so, they should use keeping in mind wit what its meant for: celebrate the ability to capture an image in its rudimentary forms and essential quality. PS: No, I do not work for Leica
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