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  1. I have many 35 and 50 but only one 28 and I bought it because it is so tiny.... to carry around 🤣
  2. Thanks for the kind words and it was a perfect opportunity to take this shot in the morning when the area was still very quiet. This is the new commercial area in the centre of Doha, outside the new Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Amazing place for photography, lots of museums and mosques, desert and shopping malls. I have also used my SL and SL2 with M lenses. I don't mind not having the autofocus function as I find it easier to point and shoot. When I pair it with the SL handgrip and using the tiny M28 Summaron, the look can be "un Leica" 😆
  3. I am happy to have best of both worlds. SL and the 16-35 and 24-90 are also wonderful to use. Amazing image quality and covering a wide range. Being a long term Leica fan, my M system also taught me a lot about photography which allows me to appreciate SL lenses even more. SL16-35
  4. SL2 + 50 Noctilux 1.2
  5. SL2 + 75 1.25 Noctilux are very well matched and balanced. IQ is ultra sharp and rich in tones. Loving it!
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