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  1. Read your post, you make no sense. Only a pro who wants to sell pics needs sharp images? an amateur has no use for high FPS? Maybe stop telling people what they need and don’t need
  2. That may be the dumbest thing I’ve read. As an amateur photographer who shoots mainly wildlife and grandchildren, getting as many shots in focus is the best way the capture that memorable moment. I would agree with you if I were puttering around the garden shooting flowers.
  3. This thread is full of opinions, mostly biased, being passed off as fact. I have no doubt you found ‘articles’ that support one opinion or another. The fact is both the Sony a1 and leica SL2 are great cameras, and one may be better than the other in a given scenario. I just want a firmware upgrade to bring the SL2 to a level equal to the Lumix S1. The rest of this is noise.
  4. I get 30 FPS with 50 MP all day long with gm lenses. You are entitled to your opinions but not your own facts
  5. I’ve had just about every leica body since the m8 and Sony since the a7. Instead of behaving like a child, why share your experience to support your opinions?
  6. So, you don’t have any data to share. Figured
  7. Totally disagree with you. I’m sure you have data to support this or, are you just spouting off?
  8. Ktsa5239 Good for you, we obviously have very different expectations
  9. For those of you who haven’t tried the Sony A1 with any of the gm lenses, it’s hard to understand how wide the gap is today. I love using the SL2 and Q2 but, I know they can be better. Frustration is compounded by Leica’s lack of transparency around roadmap, updates etc.
  10. It’s not that they are doing nothing, they aren’t doing enough relative to the market, in my opinion.
  11. I am well invested in Sony, 2A1s, 600, 400, 200-600, 135, etc. some may not like their ergonomics, I love it, but, the results are outstanding. The af is incredible. Going on a vacation with the grand kids next week and struggling to take any leica gear because I know I’ll miss focus on shots. Doesn’t happen with Sony. If leica would just improve the CAF to the S1 level, please!!!
  12. Yeah, owning leica can be very frustrating. The camera industry is moving fast these days yet, leica seems no sense of urgency and continues to fall further behind. Really makes me think of dumping it all and just using Sony.
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