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  1. Don't get it... not as I won't get it, but as in I just don't get it.
  2. My beloved Toyota Hilux Surf taken outside my home in the snow one year. Sadly sold on to someone else, who I hope enjoys it as much as I did.
  3. YES !! After a while you find it becomes intuitive, you look at the light, look at what you're about to photograph and adjust accordingly. This is why I love the Leica M so much. Thanks for this post gjames. I do like to be in control of my tools...
  4. Fascinating to read this thread. It makes me wonder though, how many M9 users only ever shoot in Auto? I have been taught to shoot in Manual, and it has become second nature. I much prefer making my own decision as to how the shot will look and NEVER use the Auto setting, it's not cheating, but it seems to take away the thrill of the shot for me. Every shot is different and I think you learn to think on your feet if just shooting Manual all the time. I wonder what would happen if Leica were to bring out a camera without the option of Auto? Overgaard and Lars make interesting comments here, and Overgaard I've been following your 'blog' for ages. Always such a good read with many interesting techniques and tips.
  5. Sounds good, I don't see myself using them, but thanks for the info Brett.
  6. I still don't see the point in presets. All settings on the M9 are so easy to change as you work if you're shooting Manual... I think the issue here is how people prefer to organise their workflow. If it works for you great, I will be sticking to the way I work. The more I shoot the less I think and the more I just 'do' it's a Zen like experience, that's why I love the Leica so much. I can change the ISO, shutter speed, etc on the fly - without really thinking about it, I just flick the dials, same with Kelvin, etc etc... Simple.
  7. The more frequently you shoot in all manual mode the more intuitive the entire process becomes. All the settings can be changed so quickly, there really is no need to use AUTO anything.
  8. I agree. To me the 'essence' of the Leica is having the ability to quickly change how you shoot as and when required. The M9 is simplicity itself to use and it is so easy to change any settings as you shoot because the menus are straightforward and easy to access. For me that is the greatest pleasure. It means that every shot is unique, and I can work intuitively with the light and any changing conditions as they present themselves before me. Yes, all manual, Kelvin set white balance, ISO, shutter speed, etc etc.... that's why Leica is the best. Why bother with any presets? Honestly, I groan every time I pick up my Nikon kit... way way too complex and fiddly menus compared to the Leica. Each camera has its place in my toolkit, but the Leica M9 (and M7) is by far my favourite.
  9. ... and so... ... confused, I logged out... ... then logged back in again... ... wondered where Barnack's Bar is? ... then... saw this thread... ... no words or thoughts yet... except... ...hmm... ... and my favorite phrase for dealing with things I'm unsure about, (also the stock phrase for endless kids' requests as they grew up)... We'll see.... :I
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