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  1. The M7 electronic shutter WILL NOT work without battery power, BUT 1/60 + 1/125 shutter speed WILL work without battery power. Whatever you choose, spend money for a CLA, my personal opinion is that the M7 is undervalued by the average Leica M addict. I prefer the M7 towards the M6. But it's all in the eye of the beholder.
  2. Does anyone know if the Voigtlander 21mm/f4 is compatible with the Leitz CL, also know as the Leitz-Minolta CL or Minolta CL? According to Cameraquest website it is compatible, but better save then sorry, so maybe anyone with user experience? https://www.cameraquest.com/leicacl.htm
  3. 3 times i send/brought different analog M camera's to Leica HQ in Wetzlar. Never, ever had an issue with CS, as an average customer i was impatient and contacted them several times, but got the answers i searched for. So for me a triple "thank you" to Leica CS, whem the M bodies return home i was very happy with the result. I understand that the PRO Leica photographer is more impatient, but on the other hand an average PRO has multiple camera's, in case of ........
  4. You did a great job and i totally understand why it feels so liberating!
  5. M7 + Elmarit 28 ASPH with clip-on hood 12504 (from Lux 35 pre-asph) & Ilford HP5+
  6. I also have both the M-A and the M4 (and M7) in black. The M-A is my all time favourite camera I bought my (2016) M-A in 2017 and i never had any problems using this beauty. My (1968) M4 is a refurbished and repainted one (Alan Starkie, Cameraworks-uk). I prefer the VF of the M-A, it is a bit clearer. Although many people seems to prefer the rewind mechanism of the M4/M6/M7 and it rewinds a bit quicker, i prefer the aesthetics of the telescopic one on the M-A/MP/M3/M2/M1. I think the M-A is very reliable and because it is about 40/50 years younger then the M4 and i like the c
  7. I have more than one M7 and one M-A. I love both and use both, depends on my needs. The M7 is the one i use most, but the use of the M-A is liberating when working with the sunny-16 rule. Because you bought it new, i would never let go the M7. After a fully Leica CLA and upgrade(s), you have a new camera.
  8. Hoi Edwin, I have done this with the M7. It was a bit of a hassle, when i contacted the Leica spareparts department in Wetzlar, this was their answer Dear Mr. Verrips, Thanks a lot for your mail. I have forwarded it to our distributor Transcontinenta as we are not allowed to sell directly to end users in countries we have a sales organisation in. Transcontinenta won't do anything for you in this case, they will send you to the Leica Store Amsterdam. So you better contact them directly. With my M7 they first send me the wrong advance lever, see picture. I don't know how many ty
  9. If it's like new, i tink te price is not that bad. I think there will always (at least for a very long period) spare parts on te market. I have 5 different M7's (silver chrome, black chrome flag, black chrome ALC, black paint ALC, black chrome standard) an never had an issue with mechanics or electronics.
  10. Necessary labour costs 0,5 HRS x €149,00 = €74,50 receiving inspection in reference to your fault description we are offering the following services mechanical backfitting exchange leather covering cleaning and end control the spare parts used for this repair. Ostrich look, chestnut 1,0 PCS x €264,71 =€264,71 receiving inspection in reference to your fault description we are offering the following services mechanical backfitting exchange leather covering cleaning and end control the spare parts used for this repair. rotating ring, light, chromed, milled 1 PCS x €
  11. One of my other M7 camera's. Before: After: Changes done: rewind release lever + lens release button + shutter speed dial + quick-wind film advance lever + frame selector + leatherette + battery cover
  12. @james.liam & RayD28 and the rest, here's a copy & paste from my mail with Leica in 2017: Dear Paul, I just got done talking to our technician and was told that a top MP cover plate in black paint is not available for the Leica M7. What is possible though is the exchange of your top cover plate with a M7 black paint top cover without engraving. Well, it is not completely without engraving as Leica Camera Germany is engraved on the back of the top cover but it will also be filled with black paint so it isn´t so visible. As for the bottom plate, here you could
  13. Buy a regular M7 and send it to Wetzlar to have them change it into black paint. I did this in 2017.
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