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  1. Stuart The tones, composition and sharpness are excellent in both. The expression in the first shot is great - perfect timing! I love the movement of the background figures in the second shot, though - it seems to emphasise the focus and sharpness of the young lady! Beautifully done!
  2. Karl Lovely tones - perfect for the subject. Composition leads the viewer's eye around the shot from the kids' faces to the toys and back - and the expressions!! Great shot - really enjoyed this one Thanks for sharing!.
  3. Stuart The viewpoint, composition and handling of the mixed lighting has been beautifully handled here. Lovely capture of the atmosphere!
  4. Massimo Great swirling background - the trolleys are nicely placed in the composition and the pieces of litter or paper in them adds to the "sickness" feel. Well seen!
  5. Thinkfish Very nice set - the contrast has been handled really well and the composition is just lovely. Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting!
  6. George Gorgeous shot - wouldn't change a thing! Tones, composition, character, interest - all there in generous amounts. Definitely one for the portfolio! Thanks for sharing
  7. Tuna The way you've handled the light here is great, The recession in the figure leading to the doors is excellent timing for the composition. Lovely feel to the whole frame - can't ask for more than that in a picture! Thanks for sharing.
  8. EddieB

    A Hardwood Candid

    Tuna Composition is great here. I also like the dozens of windows in the background echoing the straight lines of the window in the foreground. The figure - and the expression - adds another dimension to the overall atmosphere. Lovely shot - thanks for sharing.
  9. EddieB

    Stir Fry

    Michael I really like the tones in this shot - almost high key stuff, but still with good contrast. Sharp and nicely composed. Lovely scene, well captured.
  10. Mike What a great set - No 5 is my favourite, great expression and yawn. Brought back memories of seaside holidays - not much changes, still windbreaks on the beach, dig a few holes in the sand, ice cream (with sand in it), fish and chips (with sand in them), fall asleep hanging on to one or other of the parents. Fantastic! Thanks for posting!
  11. Full of character - and humour. Well seen - the legs in the window add to the overall effect, too. Great tonal quality for the subject - really nice overall effect.
  12. Love the shot - lovely environmental portrait! Not so keen on durian - we were offered some on our stopover coming back from Australia. Couldn't get past the smell to try a taste.
  13. Stuart Is that a magenta cast in the faces? Leica skin tones again... it seems to get worse the more they exert themselves! Love the expressions here - and the serious face on the man on the stopwatch!
  14. Kris No need for leniency, I think. A lovely set of images - that shot with the dog is my favourite! Nice use of the light beams, too. Welcome to the forum!
  15. Well caught - a thoughtful moment captured beautifully.
  16. Great environmental shot. Exposure captures the light from the fire and the daylight - very nice. The steps are a picture in themselves - and as for the Boilerman... he'd make a great study for a few portraits. Thanks for posting!
  17. Lovely shot and lighting. It's not always easy to get to the "right" position when you see pic's like these in front of the camera! I think you got the best you could here - particularly, as you said, when the subject runs off at just below the speed of light (or that's how it feels from my experience...). Beautiful expression, tones and sharpness are great.
  18. Stuart Lovely tones and composition (the picture, can't comment about the musical composition!). Slight movement caught in the strumming hand is a nice touch and adds to her expression - the "eyes" have it!
  19. Venice 2012 M6TTL Voightlander 21mm f4 Film : Ilford HP5 Developer : Ilford ID-11
  20. Venice 2012 M4 Summaron 35mm f3.5 Film : Ilford HP5+ @ ISO 400 Developer : Ilford ID-11
  21. Gorgeous - I really like that mix of light. You've really caught the atmosphere here Thanks for sharing!
  22. Mike Great moment caught there. Tones, composition and sharpness excellent. That Monochrom is proving to be a real pal, I think!
  23. George Great shot! Lively pose, expression, composition all coming together and presented with beautiful tones and sharpness. Thanks for sharing.
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