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  1. Sandisk Extreme Pro - 64 GB - SDXC UHS-II Haven't had any issues.
  2. The small number is ’10’. Attached is a photo taken at f/2.8. My lens does not seem to exhibit the degree of jaggedness that the lens in OP images show at f/2.8. I’ve had the lens for many years and recently decided to have Leica service it. Perhaps that has helped.
  3. Ok, my interest was peaked. My results from a quick test show a more circular OUF ball at f/2.8. Certainly not perfect, but nothing I would be disappointed about. The nudge past f/2.8 looks better though.
  4. My lens also has the small number 10 but looks almost circular. However, I just had the lens returned from Leica USA (great service by the way), where it was given a CLA and 6-bit coding. Regrettably I do not remember how it looked before servicing.
  5. Ha, probably deserved that! 😀 Thankfully no animal skin. Just a nice, neat presentation. I only mentioned my order because others had said they had problems receiving theirs. The truth is, after being cooped mostly inside since March I was having terrible GAS. I found myself being convinced I needed to get into the S system (used of course) or buy new M and SL lenses. Buying a ventilated shade seems to have cooled off that thinking for now. So by that measurement it was not expensive. I do prefer the compact size of the original 28mm Summilux hood so time will tell if I do switch over to the ventilated hood.
  6. Sorry to hear some members had a bad experience ordering a Ventilated Shade. I purchased a Ventilated Shade for my 28mm Summilux lens on June 12. On June 17th I received notice it was being shipped (from HK) and it arrived by FedEx a couple of days later. It came in a nice presentation and fits my lens perfectly. I don't mind the standard Leica hood that came with my lens, but I thought I'd give the Venitlated shade a try anyway.
  7. Thank you. I am humbled. There are so many beautiful images throughout this forum. It is one of the reasons I moved over to Leica. Although saying that, this photo isn't particularly indicative of the characteristics of a 75mm Summicron, but it was taken with it.
  8. Regrettably I have not made a print. A couple of years ago I managed to sell my Epson 7880 printer (basically for nothing if someone came and took it away) and as my wife and I plan on relocating somewhere else I haven't got round to buying a new printer yet.
  9. The 75 Summicron is one of my most used M lenses. I find it easy to focus too.
  10. I see the SL2 listed https://www.captureone.com/en/resources/tech-specs/camera-support-leica
  11. About a month or so ago I noticed colours not looking right when using the M10 File Neutral ICC Profile and highish ISO files. Apparently there is a known issue with the colour noise reduction in version 20 with the M10-P and noisy or highish ISO DNG files, turning the colour to a greyness. Keeping the colour noise reduction slider below 10-20 seems to solve this problem. It worked for me. Might this be helpful to you?
  12. That is very welcome news and I hope they do come through with a profile. Thanks for the update.
  13. A sunny and windy late afternoon in North Berwick, Scotland. M10P with Summilux-M 28mm f/1.4 ASPH
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