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  1. I'm going to give you a qualified "yes." I have a large Metz side-handle type that takes the Metz adapter mentioned in the Q instruction manual. I also have a smaller Metz that takes the adapter. Both worked on my X-1. So, Metz has Leica's requirements. I have not tried them on my Q, but Leia says they'll wok.
  2. Mine fits nicely without tightening the setscrew. No need to overtighten.--finger tight will do, I suspect. All the setscrew has to do is set down in that little depression.
  3. Thanks for the information. We must have different Swarovsky scopes. The Leia adapter does not go over the eyepiece of my STX, but might go over the STS/ ATS series. I must say that the few images I have seen using the Q are impressive. Thanks Geo.
  4. Just getting started digiscoping... Have Q, Sward 85 ATX. Leia adapter does not fit this combo. Did you find an adapter that worked? I have a Digidapter for my Lumix GH5, but want to use Q, too. Will need table extender for the Q to work. Maybe I should use one of the Leica lenses on the Lumix(?). Opinion/experience report appreciated, thanks. Geo.
  5. Glad to hear this. Mine did I first time out of the box, but has not repeated the fault. Thank yo
  6. , I'll give a try A 3+ reply has to be rght
  7. The lens shade of my Q does not snug-up (or seat) at proper orientation; it is about a quarter turn off. is this normal? It seems for all that technical sophistication, that someone could justly the threads. Perhaps someone will offer a solution, perhaps shim rings, or some such. Lens shade is a tad unsecure this way. Thanks
  8. Trylab, Can you post pics of your Nikon ED 82 and the X1 and/or X3 adaptors. please? I have these, but am having trouble getting things to hook up.
  9. "I know there isn't a Leica branded one, and I know that anything in front of the lens will degrade the quality..." Well, a perfect example of this is the close-up set for my Rolleiflex, made by Rollei; the results are quite good, all things considered. However, an imperfect example is that of the set made by Yashica for the Yashica Mat series; they had a really awful reputation. Years ago, my wife had an Olympus fully-automatic 35mm camera. It was one of the first that Olympus produced and they had very good add-on tele and wide adaptors. Even years before that, Canon made a set of close-up lenses (aka Diopters) that were not just the simple lenses that most manufacture; they were compound lenses and gave very good results. I am unsure that B+W, or Heliopan, or Leica may someday make what you want. Personally, I do not think that the production lifespan of the X1, nor the sales volume of the X1, will entice any manufacturer to offer what is wanted.
  10. Well, not without Leica lens quality to match the X1.
  11. Well, I'm not really trying to give you a bad time by writing this, but if you have to ask this question, the likely answer is "no." It takes quite a bit of experience and judgement to use a manual light meter as accurately as the built-in light meter of the X1 does it automatically. I do, however, recomment that you buy a used light meter, a good but inexpensive one, and learn to use it. That way, the above might not be true, always.
  12. "... or chime in with comments regarding the grip?" Well, I bought the thing because the basic X1 is a little small for my hands: difficult to hold onto. It helped that quite a bit; it adds bulk in the right hand and depth to the camera. My only criticism is that one must remove the grip to change batteries. Not a big deal, I suppose, but a grip could be designed so that the thing allowed a battery change with the grip installed It looks cool, too. If one combines the grip with the external viewfinder, the combo is quite sharp. And thern, too, it has a red-dot.
  13. Has anyone published a lens profile for Adobe LightRoom and/or Photoshop CS5?
  14. pgeobc

    Sweet Spot

    In all the pics that I have taken, I have looked for signs that a particular aperture was better or worse than others. It is very difficult for me to tell a difference; I just use it on auto and let it pick unless it is necessary to use a manual aperture for a depth of field effect.
  15. Anyone out there have any information on using the Leica Digiscope adapter with a Nikon ED scope? Leica states that the physical dimensions of the adapter are made to be compatible with the wide eypeice for the scope. Could this be used with a standard variable eyepeice for the Nikon? If the consensus is that the above will not work, how about a custom adapter? Could one be made that would work on a Nikon scope? TIA
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