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  1. Hey guys... I am big on travel and bringing my cameras. Sometimes (like this week), I like to travel with a really minimum setup. In this instance, I am traveling with: - Leica Sl2-S - 35mm Summilux-M pre-asph - 2 batteries - 1 charger This all goes into my backpack... but I use an Evergoods Civic Access Pouch as a camera cube of sorts and it fits this setup (lens not attached) as if it was made for it. Just thought I would pass this along for those that might have similar needs to my own:
  2. Here's the whole set... Regardless of my mistakes, there are still some images here I like... And I consider it a pretty good outing given it was my first shoot in two years with a camera body I've never used. Not making excuses, but keeping a positive outlook to keep motivation up... I do absolutely adore shooting m-lenses on this body.
  3. i agree… it was such an epic sunset that it just doesn’t look real/accurate and I wasn’t a good enough photographer to really take advantage of it. Sure was fun trying though. in any case, thanks for all the help fellas!
  4. Hell no! I appreciate all the help I can get! Thanks for taking the time man. Sincerely. I haven't gotten out and shot really since Covid and feel as though I'm re-learning a lot...
  5. In the end, I got rid of the preset all together, used the auto button, and then brought out the shadows just a tad bit more. I think what I have now is far more accurate to what I was seeing on location. I just seem to get better results when I don't edit anything too much. Using photoshop to convert/compress to jpg... makes it a little more muddy, but I guess I could fix that too...
  6. I do it with exposure compensation on the camera. I did it with the Sony bodies because there is little to no data in the highlights and it was my way of saving that data to play with in post. But, I'm finding that with the SL2-S, I don't need to do that. Keep in mind... and I'm sure this is obvious... But I don't really know what I am doing. I learn every time I shoot... And my process/thinking is probably 100% wrong.
  7. OK... I think I have it figured out. With the Sonys, I always under-exposed by at least 2/3rds a stop to save the highlights. With the SL2-S, I'm thinking I don't need to do that anymore... or, at the very least, be more aware that there is plenty of overhead there and I need to be a bit more aggressive with the exposure in post. I'm a complete amateur (obviously) and my biggest fear is being far too aggressive with any one slider and ending up with some over-processed mess without realizing it.
  8. I just messed with those slides... And you are absolutely right. I do think I was just questioning myself too much... Here's some small tweaks of both and it's already starting to feel better:
  9. Hey guys... First, some background. I shoot mostly old cars and mostly in low light/golden-hour situations using: - Leica SL2-S - 21mm SEM - 35mm 'Lux - 90mm Summarit The lenses have been a constant for me. I decided a few years back to pick my favorite lenses and stick with them - no matter what. When my M9 sensor delaminated, I got fed up with the cost of Leica and moved over to a Sony A7 series camera. I shot those cameras for a few years and got really comfortable with my work flow. Recently, however, I got a hankering for the Sl2-S and made the switch. These
  10. Where this bag really shines is with an SL and three m-lenses... one mounted to the body and two on the left side. I do this with a 18 Super Elmar, 35 'cron, and 90 'cron... It's perfect.
  11. I figured it out. Amazingly, this was SD card related. I had a new scan disc ultra 90mbs card in the camera. I took it out in favor of an old pani card and the problem is fixed.
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