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  1. The parrot and the Pink and White Shower flowers. SL with Sigma 100-400mm .
  2. At about 3pm, the sun light pass thru the the roof of the temple to form a spectacular view.
  3. SL with Panasonic 20-60mm at 20mm. Panasonic 20-60mm at 60mm
  4. The very young egret asking their Mom for food. Their Mom feed them with a big fish.
  5. Paper-crafted Unicorn, inside a Museum. SL with 35-70mm R .
  6. Traditional Chinese Lanterns . SL with 24mm Elmarit R.
  7. Thank You! I am a Leica fan. In the digital age Leica lacks the tele lens which are now supplemented by the L mount Alliance. I just follow those forerunner such as Marac & Boojay to use the Sigma 100-400mm. Certainly, I am not a Sigma ambassador. Lawrence
  8. At the breeding season, the Egret turn out to be very beautiful. Sigma 100-400mm.
  9. The beautiful Silver-eared Mesia. Sigma 100-400mm.
  10. Thank You! The 1.4X Extender give you more reach. Lawrence
  11. Emerald Kingfisher. Sigma 100-400mm + 1.4X Extender, Handheld.
  12. Inside the Church. SL with R24mm Elmarit, and R35-70mm F4.
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