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  1. I've not been using a thumbs up or anything like that, I thought I'd see if I could manage without first - so far so good on that count. I might give the plastic shim a try just to keep the protector in place, I'm still wondering why my hot shoe has apparently grown by a fraction of a mm - the springs look similarly raised compared to my M9 and they're designed to go through many cycles of loading and unloading, so it's odd that they might be deformed on their first use. I'll be in Tokyo in a couple of weeks, hopefully I'll get a chance to drop into the Ginza store to see their technic
  2. Thanks for going to the trouble of looking into that for me a.noctilux. I'm using a Zeiss 21mm finder, also a Leica 21/24/28 with lock. The weird thing is that at first use the fit of the finder in the hot-shoe was perfectly fine with no little or no 'play'. When I retrieved my camera from my bag it just wouldn't hold the finder in place. The hot shoe is fixed in place on the camera, nothing is missing or loose, the springs you mentioned look similarly raised compared to my M9. I'll drop by a Leica store when I get a chance, probably a ,few weeks time, and will let you know how I get
  3. I used a finder in my M10 for the first time yesterday, the finder was a snug fit, normal I'd say compared to my other M's when I inserted it to the hot shoe. When I finished snapping, I put my camera with the finder attached into my bag. When I got home I noticed that the finder had dropped out of the hot-shoe. Now it seems the hot shoe is out of tolerance, the black plastic insert that came with the camera as well as my other finders are all loose to the point where they'll just slide out. When looking at the hot shoe it seems normal, compared to my other cameras. I can't imagine that it
  4. I have a feature request regarding lens detection on uncoded lenses. I had my most frequently used lenses upgraded with factory applied 6-bit codes, I have a few less-often used lenses without 6-bit codes and can't justify the cost of upgrading to have codes applied. I find when I switch between those lenses, I tend to forget about coding only to later discover that, for example, images taken with my 90mm 'fat' tele-elmarit have settings for my 35mm summicron v4 applied to them - also since I don't recall the model numbers I get confused which lens model corresponds to the one I have
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