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  1. Thanks for the comments. The subtle HDR is closer to what the eye sees I think.
  2. Perfection! Those black and whites sing.
  3. I love the HRD look if it's done subtly enough.
  4. Yes it is an HDR. Hopefully not an exaggerated one.
  5. Thanks from someone else who hasn't had the chance to see the windows in quite awhile. Great captures!
  6. Leica V-LUX 40: Date Dec 27, 2012: ISO 800: Exposure 1/4 sec: Aperture 5.3: Focal Length: 19mm: Edited Lightroom 4.3
  7. What is a 1930's Leica in good condition worth these days? My cousin's husband just died and he had one. I haven't seen it and don't know its condition but, if it were in good condition, can you give me a ballpark figure to tell my cousin? Thx
  8. soo

    Geometry & Light

    You're so right. And I love black and white also. Just that that red got to me. Lightroom: BW presets: yellow filter
  9. I like the second one better too.
  10. I like the second version better too. It's much more atmospheric.
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