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  1. Hi there. My Q has a shocking appetite for batteries. I'm lucky to get a days use out of a battery even using EVF Extended and if unused it drains one over a few days sitting. The camera has a habit sometimes to change the settings, as in changing the focus setting from single point to face recognition. I was going to reinstall the firmware version 3.1 but it won't let me. It says it has the latest version anyway. Hoping I don't need to send it in for a service at Leica. Regards Robin.
  2. Thanks guys. Going to get the kit together in the near future and give it a go using correct temp and time from Ilford site information and then try the stand developer. Oh and Tmx, its not the polar circle but here in Edinburgh, Scotland its not that warm this time of year!! Regards Robin.
  3. Hi there. I'm getting back into developing my b+w films as its getting to expensive to get them done at my local company. I've seen the Ilford videos on Youtube but I've just seen on on "stand development". Looks interesting as you don't have to be so fussy with temperatures. Anyone any experience on the process. Thanks and regards, Robin.
  4. Hi there. I've a great M7 and I'm looking to get a M6 classic or a M6 ttl. I see other threads on these cameras and there's a bit of a question on the plus or minus points of the two cameras. There's not been a definite answer on the repair and reliability of the meter. Any information as I'm looking at two cameras with a view to buy one or other soon. Regards Robin.
  5. Hi there. I keep thinking about selling my Monochrom but apart from the heartbreak that would cause some dealers are either profiteering or taking the mick. Got offered £1200 as a trade and have seen same quality of camera selling for £3000. Same situation for my M7. I’ve decided, be grateful for what I have and don’t sell either!! Get a Monochrom and KEEP it.
  6. Hi there. Thanks for the information but a quick call to Leica customer service in London and they sent me an email with the service history of all three of my cameras. Great service from them.
  7. Difficult to just go to another dealer when that one has a camera you want. I’ll just phone Leica Customer Service.
  8. Hi there. Quick question. Is there a way to check an M9P I have to ensure it has a new sensor. I’m sure it was changed by the dealer prior to sale but I can’t find the documents. I’m thinking of trading it in and the next dealer wants to know if it’s been done. I know you can check with Leica but if there’s a quick way it would be handy for now. Regards Robin.
  9. Hi there. Just bought a Q and found this post as I have the same problems with the SF24. I’ve had no answers to my post but I’m just going to get a newer Leica flash as the older ones might not be compatible. Robin.
  10. Thanks. I've just seen elsewhere that a Metz 26af (£99 in UK) is virtually the same flash as the Leica version. Any knowledge if this is a good substitute for a Leica unit?
  11. Hi there. I've just bought a Q and I'm very happy but I have a question regarding a compatible flash unit. I have a SF24D that has been sitting in the cupboard for ages but when I attach it to the Q it seems that it isn't quite connecting as I expected. The shutter speed display on the camera is flashing between speeds and I thought it would sync set to TTL/GNC on the flash unit but it only works when set to A. Am I right to assume that its not the right flash unit and I should get a SF26 or similar. I just need a flash for a family event, not for a lot of use. Regards Robin.
  12. Hi there. Good article on the M7 as I have one of the UK flag versions. Any knowledge of how many were made of these? Regards Robin.
  13. Ok. In answer to the comments. The post was asking for approximate costs from Leica for a fault. The dealer had a years warranty and he fixed it so the cameras perfect. He’s been repairing cameras like Leica etc for over 40yr so knows the score. And it would have cost £1000 UK price. Anyway, I can afford it if I need to send it to Leica and yes emotion when buying kit can overcome logic. Enough said. Bye all.
  14. Hi there. I have a chance to buy a M8 from a dealer, not a Leica dealer but one I’ve known for years. I believe it’s from year one of production from serial No3110::: so it’s old but in great condition. I’ve already got M9p and Monochrom but it’s a good price and I’m sentimental after selling my first M8. Daft eh! It’s had a new sensor in 2004 for a dead pixel line, the rear screen is perfect, but usual info button is dead. If I send it to Leica any idea if it can be fixed and would it be prohibitively expensive? Any info/ thoughts? Regards Robin.
  15. Hi Ramarren. I can appreciate your impulse. I have a SL2 and then I saw an R6.2 and...... yes bought it! Now can't decide which I want to take out each day.
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