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  1. Thank you for the recommendations. I’ve decided to go with a different solution: the Novoflex Magicball Mini head. It will hold up to 11 pounds. It easily works in many angles and tightens easily with a twist of the handle. https://novoflexus.com/novoflex-magicball-mini-ball-head/ Thank you for everyone’s recommendations. Stay heal they & Be well.
  2. I've had every digital M camera body. I sold my M240 and moved to an M10 when it was available. It has a better sensor and a slimmer body that reminded me of the lovable M6. But I do miss the video function on the M240. Being able to make a short video with the 50mm Noctilux was special. I have a number of M lenses that have unique imaging characteristics. I use them with an adapter on a Canon R5. I use a Q that shoots 1080p video. I wish it shot 4K in the Q2. If Leica engineers can find a way to offer 4K video with an M body, it would enhance the value. Eventually, manual shutters
  3. I did buy it. It will work but it wasn't an optimal fit for the M10. It would be nice to have an L bracket that matches the dimensions of the M10 body. Stay healthy & be well.
  4. Steve, I don’t have an answer for you now. Sorry. It’s too soon to make that determination. In 6 months, I’ll do a search of meta data in Lightroom and it will let me know which lens I prefer. Right now, I enjoy them all because they each image differently. Be well.
  5. I just received the new Voigtlander 28/2 asph Ultron in chrome from PopFlash in Thousand Oaks, California: www.popflash.com. Tony Rose's company is a joy to deal with. I enjoy 28mm lenses. I shoot with a Leica Q, the pre-asph f2.8 Elmarit V4 and the "new" f5.6 Summaron with an M10. Each lens images a bit differently. Voigtlander has really produced an amazing optic with the new 28/2 Ultron. This lens represents a significant improvement in their design and manufacturing capabilities for VM mount rangefinder lenses. It has edge sharpness at f2 with an M10 when coded as a 28 Summicron
  6. Thank you for your responses. There are no more camera shops in my area of Northern California. I recently purchased the Arca Swiss L bracket. It’s beautiful engineering but more robust than I needed for an M camera. It’s currently for sale at a very good price at PopFlash.com. The 3 Legged Thing universal L bracket looks interesting and is fairly inexpensive. More work to do investigating a generic brackets for an M camera. Stay healthy & be well.
  7. Has anyone tried the 3 Legged Thing Universal L Bracket with an M10 Leica? It seems like it should work. Thanks. Stay healthy & be well.
  8. San Francisco, M9 with Summilux 35 pre-asph. Wonderful lens that paints images.
  9. The Summaron also makes wonderful black & white images. This is the Little Head in Trinidad, CA. It has significant importance to the creation story of the centuries old inhabitants of the land before settlers came for the California gold rush in the 1840's. Stay healthy & be well.
  10. The 28 Summaron lens paints wonderful images that are different from other 28mm Leica lenses. Lots of detail and emotion from a very tiny lens. Stay healthy & be well.
  11. The 50mm Summilux pre-aspheric draws wonderful images. Here’s one from my favorite corner window at 18,000 feet in Northern California. Stay healthy & be well.
  12. I’m an eye doctor from California. Hopefully I can help a bit. Your left eye distance spectacle prescription: Plano - 1.25 x 30 indicates the correction is for astigmatism. The “axis” or orientation of the corrective lens will be 30 degrees. See image below. If you could have a custom astigmatic corrective lens made for the Leica eyepiece, it would have to be oriented to 30 degrees for it to correct your vision. It the axis or orientation of the corrective lens is changed, the lens will blur your vision rather than correct it. Your are fortunate that your distance optical correct
  13. I ended up purchasing the Tenba BYOB 7 Camera Insert from Amazon. It’s small, inexpensive and available in the U.S.
  14. The Tbest case is perfect - but they don’t ship to the U.S. 😞
  15. The half insert for the Hadley One bag is helpful if you want to add a few books to the case with padded protection for a camera. Billingham doesn’t make a head insert for the Hadley Pro. It’s the bag I carry just about everywhere. I’ve looked at Billingham’s Inserts and contacted Billingham. None seem to serve this purpose. Has anyone found a padded insert that would serve as a half insert to hold the Leica M10 with a lens for the Hadley Pro bag? Many thanks. Richard Clompus California
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