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  1. Overgaard

    35-70 f2.8 R lens. Your opinion?

    It's a perfect lens. I had one and used it quite a lot with the R system and digital back. http://www.overgaard.dk/leica_35-70_Vario-Elmarit-R_28.html
  2. Overgaard

    Noctilux Metal Lens Cap

    This $10,595 lens comes with no metal cap but an E60 plastic lens cap.
  3. Overgaard

    Hood fitting problem with 50mm SX black chrome (11688)

    So the part is basically a "step-up" ring (with two male screws) that replaced the snap-on part. It's good they return the snap-on part as that is the difference between an original collectors item and a modified part. So with the snap-on part in the box, the shade can be used, but can also be reverted to original look. Important detail for a limited edition lens.
  4. I've made a package of the presets I mostly use for Leica to adjust colors, make black and white, etc.These handles the skin tones, the correction of CMOS to CCD colors, the 'right' black and white look for M10, SL, TL, etc. These are the ones people usually ask for, so I have made it a free download. Enjoy! http://www.overgaard.dk/Thorsten-von-Overgaard-Gallery-Store-The-Overgaard-Adobe-Lighroom-Presets-for-Leica-cameras.html
  5. Already with Lightroom 6.x there was issues with LR not importing all images (and no warning either; it just skipped some). From then I started copying my SD-card onto a destination folder where I wanted the pictures, then drag-and-drop that one into LR (import without copying). That solved that issue. It gives more control. You should think a simple procedure as copying images to a hard drive could be trusted to the software to do, but perhaps too many things are going on. In any case, it was an issue in 6.x something, and then it was gone. But that could be one way to ensure that at least the files are secure and on the hard drive.
  6. Overgaard

    Capture One Pro

    I would use Sessions and then use Media Pro or PhotoMechanic for catalog. I find it is much faster than LR, in showing previews, zooming in on details, etc. I never tried to build a Catalog with lots of photos, only Sessions with 200-1,500 photos, and that works without any slowness or crashes.
  7. Overgaard

    Bullies? -moved thread-

    You ignore the bullies and focus on the valuable advice and comments. What you focus on, you will get more of. The more attention you give to bullies and negative comments, the more you will get of it. I agree with the admins and mods, you report content that is not in the spirit of the forum.
  8. Overgaard

    New firmware for m10 arrived

    It's great with Low Continuous Speed.
  9. Overgaard

    M10 - the Image Thread

    M10 shoots M10 in Los Angeles. Leica 75mm Noctilux-M ASPH f/1.25.
  10. Overgaard

    50 Lux Black Chrome Edition

    I saw a new one in the US, but I forgot it it was PopFlash.com, Leica SF, Leica Miami, DC or which one. But it was on their website and in stock. Still a few around that are sold as new.
  11. Overgaard

    "Best" SD card

    Agree there is no "Best SD-card" but there are the cards that works well in the camera. The M10 had issues when it came out, and many of the problems with SD-cards it couldn't read was fixed after a while. I used to use 64GB 95mb/sec SanDisk in the M240, but the first M10 wouldn't take them properly. That got fixed, but meanwhile I found that Lexar 128GB 1000mb/sec worked and went with those. I also found that Angelbird 64GB and 128GB 2000MB/sec worked really well (and that they're from a small European producer). For SD-cards, whichever works, I will usually stay with that exact model for that camera, no matter what comes about that is "new and hot".
  12. Overgaard

    M10 - the Image Thread

    "DADS KAD" is a car parked in the Hollywood Hills. If you are near PopFlash or Leica Store Los Angeles, they have an 12x19" print of the photos where you can study the bokeh and details of the texture that the 75mm Noctilux brings about on the M10. From my Review of the 75mm Noctilux.
  13. Yes, Lightroom CC Classic 7.3 has several problems: 1) User presets from previously seem to have been altered. 2) Importing hires JPG files will result in altered colors (for unknown reasons, seems to be when you use any sort of User Presets on import, and sometimes LR adds +1 exposure by itself!); but if you RESET the file, the colors as in the original JPG comes back. 3) Errors on reading files (says file seems to be damaged and it shows digital errors in DEVELOP mode). I recommend downgrading to LR 7.2 which can be done this way in a few minutes: "How to downgrade Lightroom Classic 7.3 to Lightroom Classic 7.2"
  14. Overgaard

    Luxury Camera Bags by Thorsten von Overgaard

    Elephant has been taken out of the repertoire now. I have decided it’s not something I will promote. I have changed my mind on this, as a result of researching this subject during the last week. The overall deciding argument in all this is the fact that when governments flushed the market with 105 tons of legal ivory in an attempt to remove the market for illegal killing and trade, it had the opposite effect. The illegal killings for ivory went up. The logics of this must be that the more ivory and elephant products are promoted, the more it is wanted. That’s why I won’t promote elephant products. History has shown that legal trade will cause an increase in illegal trade too. So, I have renewed my stand on this. I’m first and foremost a photographer who shares my stories and experiences. For most photographers, that means creating aesthetics and preserving the moment. I think what we have in common in this forum across all geographic locations, different cultures, religious beliefs, and more is an interest for quality photography and a life in harmony. A great deal of my work during the 22 years that my website has been freely available to everybody has been dedicated to making things work and sharing how I did it. With the intention of helping people improve their skills. So, enough talk about elephants. Photography is what I do, as in my upcoming article this weekend on the 75mm Noctilux. As for elephants, I have no interest in protecting or explaining legal or illegal slaughter of elephants. It’s not my cause, not my subject. But … As a human being on this planet, and as a person who invests much of my time on preserving things, I wondered how to apply my own actual viewpoint about things, to elephants. The odds are overwhelming: With 33-35,000 illegal elephant killings a year, for a species that now numbers a total of 500-600,000 worldwide, the end is actually near. I’ve researched a lot of organizations, their stand on elephants, the laws on elephant trade, and I’ve come across many good projects from propaganda against elephant trade to geotagging elephants with GPS devises and studying their behavior. Isolated, all these things are great projects, but how do you keep elephants from being extinct? How can one grow the number of elephants, from a personal level? So, I decided to adopt an elephant. I have donated $1,000 this morning to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust as a gift of life, as a foster parent of an elephant. They also offer $50 (per year) foster programs. I’ve asked if they would name him (or her) Barnack, as I thought it would be fitting in this context. I spoke with them on the phone and their elephant keepers are with the elephant 24/7, and even sleep with them. Often times these are elephants that are left from the flock and would otherwise die. Or, they are newborns which grow up for their first 9-10 years with them, and are then released in a reserve. One of them is Maisha (means “miracle” in Swahili), and until further notice, my donation is directed to her. They also have aerial surveillance, community outreach, and other activities, which in my view makes this an overall good cause to support when the aim is keeping elephants alive and growing. That felt good! So, I've decided to adopt more elephants so as to make sure that in spite of everything possible, some of my intention actually comes through in the end. Another organization that offers one the chance to adopt an elephant, is WWF, whom I have additionally donated £1,000 ($1,400) to this morning. I chose the UK site because I could do a one-time donation, but one can also do monthly donations from £50/$55 and up on both the UK and the US page. I would urge anybody to do something on a personal level. Be it informing others about facts involving elephant numbers, or putting your money where your mouth is. I’m not in a position to go to Africa or India myself to protect the elephants, so this is my choice for trying to influence matters as much as possible. I don’t feel tweeting about elephants will change anything other than upset the world, but I feel that providing energy to people who are doing something on the ground might make an actual difference. Hence my choice, which doesn’t have to be everybody’s. If you would like to join me in further supporting this, I am doing a 90% sale on my website of eBooks, video classes, extension courses, and presets with all proceeds going to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. The discount code “ELEPHANT” will be valid until April 2nd (add it to the box in checkout and the price will be reduced to 10%, all proceeds of which go to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust). You can participate in that offer here. Get 90% on the materials, and the 10% you pay goes to adopting elephants: http://www.overgaard.dk/newsletter-411-2018.html Thank you for your interest in this. /Thorsten
  15. Overgaard

    Luxury Camera Bags by Thorsten von Overgaard

    Here’s the fact of the matter: This specific bag is elephant hide from Zimbabwe, which is one of the countries that have a remarkable growth of in population of Luxodonta africana elephants (84,000) within their reserves. The sale of hides from naturally deceased elephants goes into funding the reserves, the security and veterinarians. In other words, the protection and growth of elephants. We do not use elephant skin from hunted elephants. It’s my fault that I didn’t consider people’s feeling and ignorance on this subject. I’ve known all about these bags for more than a year, the history of the skin, the certification, the legality of different types of sources. My video mentions that the skin is certified, and when you buy a bag with exotic skin, you get a certificate for its origin. But 15 pages of heated discussion without a clue to the facts! And an “administrator” going elephant man on his profile … I’m a public person with a website that displays my phone number and my e-mail. Only esteemed forum member Jono Slack was sensible enough to not part-take in this sideshow, but e-mailed me directly to question how this works, and did his own research as well, opening more questions that he asked me. Anyone who feel they want to do something about this should donate to for example www.earthorganization.org or www.savetheelephants.org /Thorsten