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  1. Nice shot . I haven`t been down there for a while .
  2. Sounds like LFI is a magazine to avoid at all costs .
  3. Goodness .... there isn`t much in that is there . Even with a side by side comparison . Thanks very much ... the Sigma ,especially at that price point , is very worth a try .
  4. Thank you Mike . That assessment is certainly confirmed by the results . Both lovely shots ....
  5. I must admit that I`ve always been a bit doubtful about the SL2s ability to render avian shots the way I like them.It`s cinematic rendering wasn`t quite to my taste . I prefer the sharper rendering of the Sony cameras but that Canon 400 DO seems to combine the best of both worlds . I`m familiar with the Mark One version of that lens having owned two copies in the past .The Mark two is a big step up and I`d be very happy with that shot . Are you preferring it to the Sigma ?
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