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  1. Birthday girl today . The George, Grt Budworth CL 23 Summicron
  2. Yep ... that`s (for me) the current state of the art. Smith is a fine photographer . As I stated before , life long birder but not especially interested in photographing them . The Alpha series are ideal for this fast moving stuff and I`m also reminded looking at those shots that the exposure system is very good a well. Big field out this weekend ( about 50 riders). Lots of jumps which they were going over in quick succession two and three at a time . Jump into the LandRover and race to the next group of jumps and repeat . Total of 1.6k shots. The SL2S
  3. Technique is important . The shots I take today where I rely on my AF system I always , for over 20 years , took with my M bodies . Manual focus and single shot . You need to pay attention to movement and intent in your subject and ,of course , timing is critical .
  4. The contrast AF used on the Sl2s just isn`t up to standard . Doesn`t matter what teaks are made to the firmware. The camera needs a hybrid system. It`s workable depending on the type of things which you shoot but be prepared for a lot of frustration . It just goes off focus at seemingly random points and never really locks on . I`ve started using zone focus with AFC but its a so so compromise . Beautiful camera in every other respect and fortunately I`ve only invested in one AF full frame lens for it and have decided to leave it at that . Instead I will use
  5. I have both the DP2 and DP3 Merrills . Wonderful cameras .
  6. It will be such a shame if they do drop the CL ... its one of the most useful cameras I`ve ever owned . I`d sell the SL2s before I`d sell my CL .
  7. I always been a birder but for some reason have little inclination to photograph them . I did take a few shots when I was shooting Sony but since using an SL2S it was clear to me that it wasn`t really ideal so your question is somewhat mute in that regard . I`ve never have shot at those high speeds ... It`s a fault of mine I`m afraid .
  8. So do I but using my SL2S for 12 months now I`m not convinced that its colour palette suits every situation . It certainly can`t be described as subtle and to my eyes this is where it falls down when it comes to birds for example which exhibit a subtlety of colour which the camera can`t reproduce .Hence the lack of feather detail . The poor (for fast moving subjects) AF and tracking is another problem . In a recent live stream from Leica Miami it was described as "pretty" good. Faint praise , maybe but it`s very far from good enough .
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