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    MP3, 35 Summicron 1st Gen., RVP50 p.s. why is the image losing clarity after uploading?
  2. Does anyone has any idea whether the UV/IR filter must be taken off when shooting film? Will it cause strange colors on film especially with wide angles like 21 or 24 Summilux? Thanks very much.
  3. Great capture. The guy has a Sean Connory look.
  4. Lovely story. Great shot. I'm in Hong Kong and I'm not sure if people are all that friendly to strangers photographing their images. Great b/w alternative too.
  5. Thanks very much Wilson. Eric
  6. It works with A mode. So I see, the combo works with TTL on M7 but not on M8.2. Thanks!
  7. My Metz 54MZ-3 and SCA3502 M4 combo works on M7 but it doesn't fire on M8.2. But it's strange that the flash seems to respond to the Auto ISO I set on M8.2, when I point the camera to different lightings, the ISO on the flash's display varies. Only the flash doesn't flash. Can I have any enlightenment from anyone? Thanks. Eric
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