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  1. Thanks for the info. best wishes. //maddox
  2. I have an M10-P relatively new. Can this be upgraded at factory to M10-R ? Wie viel?
  3. We had a fine time at the LHSA meeting in Wetzlar earlier this month. Look forward to next year (maybe in Boston?).
  4. More battery questions. Are there any differences between Leica BP-DC12-U (V-Lux-4) and the Leica BP-DC12 (for CL, and maybe a Q or two)? The 1200mA looks the same, but is there a difference in the plastic box configuration? In other words, what is the subscript "-U" and are these interchangeable.?
  5. And now in the year 2017, we have Leica EVFs for M240 and M10, which will allow you to use R lenses, and focus very easily. Electronic viewfinders. The Olympus version VF-2 works on M240 and X-vario, too.
  6. Hope to see all of you in Chicago, Oct 2017. Just got XV last weekend. Been using M, M9, Fuji XT1. Started using Leica IIIc in 1968. M4-P, M6, then digital. Currently using a Nikon Varifocal about 60 years old as viewfinder on the XV. Interested in the EVF020, but I have heard there are compatibility issues. I want to be able to use it on everything including M, M9, XV. Will a firmware update solve the issues? What ARE the issues?
  7. I have a Nikon vari-focal only 60 years old on my XV.
  8. My 1( Compur dial-set No.5859 with Elmar 1:3.5 F=50mm, D.R.P. No 258646 D.R.G.M. is a close-focus. Distance scale is in Feet, with the closest 1.5 at 7:30 position. Release button not dimpled; feathered arrow on rewind; round accessory shoe. According to Dennis Laney (2nd edition, page 65) only two close-focus dial-sets known. Maybe this is a 3rd? My 1( Compur rim-set No.50522 with Elmar 1:3.5 F=50mm, # 2254564 is standard focus. Distance scale is in mtr, with the closest "1" at 1:00 position. Release button dimpled; simple arrow on rewind; round accessory shoe. JC Maddox, LHSA
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