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  1. I wouldn't say that this is natural looking or what I think most people might consider to be aesthetically pleasing, but I like it. It has a sort of Adam's Family/ Tim Burton feel that is accentuated by the peeling paint on the stairs, exaggerated size of her head in relation to her body, and the hypertension of her left arm. I would like to have this picture mounted or in a book and be able to view it over and over (that's about as strong a compliment as I can give).
  2. Scotto


    I love the framing of this shot. There's a story there with the bicycle and the gas. The irony is not lost.
  3. Scotto

    I'm Happy

    I really like the crop on this. I think it matches the location well.
  4. Thanks for posting this!
  5. I truly love this. There's so much here. ...the way that the menu board lines seems to be part of the facade ...the colors: both excellent. The little details pull me in to look closer but the hand is pushes me away. I think you unknowingly made this just for me.
  6. It's modeled with a G2 and it's a limited run. Coincidence? I'm still wondering. -G2 User who cries himself awake every morning;)
  7. These are compelling images. Well seen and well curated. Sadly, I'm not fluent in Dutch (at least I think that's what your site is in). I'd love to learn the story behind them.
  8. I find it always find it troubling to see children at protests. I'm sure that they have a stake but are they really cognizant of the issues? While the subject of this is more serious, I get the same feeling about children holding signs in support of teacher's unions. Excellent photos and a well explained narration.
  9. Thanks James! I'm trying to do a little more research on this and I'm becoming convinced that you're correct about it being separation. I discovered the problem when hanging up some negatives I've just developed. Some of them seemed fuzzy and soft. It turns out that the roll wasn't exposed through this lens and the negs were actually sharp, but with shallow DOF:o. I'll have to do some tests to see how this lens is really performing. I'm still wondering about the circular shape and cause of it. Is this just a matter of age alone or age and getting tossed around? Can/is it likely to ge
  10. I have a non-collapsible 50mm Summicron M lens that I recently discovered had a case of the white haze. The haze seems to be in the shape of a ring corresponding to closing down the lens to f2.8, with the cloudiness filling to the edges. This lens already had a liberal amount of 'cleaning marks' on the front element, but I liked the way it rendered. It was a little soft, but in a way that was almost flattering when shooting people. I had checked this lens ~9 months ago and don't remember seeing anything. There also seems to be the beginnings of haze on other elements inside the lens. I haven't
  11. I happen to use Pentax SLR's and a couple rangefinder systems, but I had the Pentax stuff first so I've sort of walked in your shoes. My advice is to rent a Leica and see if you like it. The biggest differences will be: No Autofocus - not a problem if you like to shoot the old Takumars No Zooms - same as above. No Tele's - There are some, but in my opinion RF's are better for wide-normal focal lengths Cost - M9's are expensive. The M8 is a crop factor, so I wouldn't consider it because I like wide focal lengths (my Pentax digital is also a crop). Old glass isn't that expensive conside
  12. Scotto

    First outing

    My two cents: Walking around, I use an incidence meter to get a general feeling for what the average light is facing the sun and facing away from the sun, then set the camera. I make final exposure adjustments as I visualize my shot, while bringing the camera up to my eye (this is usually just +/- a stop to compensate). Then it's focus, compose, and shutter.
  13. This looks great. Going forward, I'm going to work some "please" into my agitation scheme .
  14. I really commend you for presenting homelessness as a social issue rather than a genre of photography. I was too late to vote, but agree that your photos are the best. The title really pulls them together. I hope that Steve Huff shares the story behind the photos and raise additional awareness, lest people think that all of this was to win what some might consider a 'luxury' item. Best luck to both you and Mr. Jones.
  15. The man in the first looks like a 'Don.' He seemed to have a tough, intimidating presence... until you see the whistle... maybe he's not so tough after all.
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