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  1. Thanks Henry! I find I have to use live view to accurately focus this lens (TT Artisan 50mm f 0.95) wide-open. It has a pleasing character for portraits of women that I like. for more more distant subjects with the lens stopped down, the rangefinder works fine. I have not made landscape or infinity images to test the lens performance a t great distances. I bought the lens for low light portrait work and it's ability to render shallow depth of field under certain circumstances. In that regard, it has performed well.
  2. garysamson

    Derek 2

    A beautifully composed environmental portrait!
  3. garysamson


    A portrait of Shannon as we photographed autumn in New Hampshire together. Leica M10 and Voigtlander 75mm f1.8.
  4. garysamson

    side glance

    I love the gentle gesture, a beautiful capture!
  5. Brianna on a Sunday afternoon. This is the 8th year of an extended portrait project that we are collaborating on. Leica M10, TT Artisans 50mm f 0.95 lens at f 0.95.
  6. Thank you. I am in the 8th year of an extended photographic portrait of Maya.
  7. Maya on a summer afternoon by the window. Leica M10 and Voigtlander 50mm APO Lanthar.
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