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  1. I really just meant that they are similar in terms of lens design philosophy: small, sharp, well-made, comparatively cheap.
  2. The Zeiss 35 2.8 C-Biogon is quite close to a modern version of this lens. I'd like a 50mm 1.5 Summarit in M-mount.
  3. How do you find the ergonomics of the Summaron 28? I came very close to getting one a few years ago, but found the focus throw very long for such a slow lens, with the close focus almost up at 9 o' clock. To the OP, the Elmarit asph (either version, although mine is v1) is a very nice lens that won't break the bank.
  4. What is list price for this lens? Is it hard to come by / more expensive in silver? Is the colour important to you? Meister Camera sells the lens new for 4,777 euros. Personally I would spend the extra few hundred euros for a new lens with full warranty. https://www.meister-camera.com/de/produkt/5563/leica-summilux-m-1435mm-asph
  5. Ultravids are made in Germany, the Trinovids (older optical formula, at least some in the product lineup aren't waterproof) are made in Portugal. I went for Ultravids. https://us.leica-camera.com/World-of-Leica/Leica-News/Global/2018/A-new-design-for-an-elegant-classic
  6. It didn't affect your premiums, really? Who is your insurer? My (rather more negative) impression of insurers is that the house always wins. So better not to insure things you can replace out of hand.
  7. I bought mine through the a la carte program a few years ago (0.58x viewfinder, black chrome, no logo). Re M7.2: I would like some of the additional features of the Hexar RF: shutter speeds up to 1/4000s, auto film loading, auto film advance.
  8. I can understand the Summilux - slow seller and very expensive to make, in terms of raw glass, labour, expertise - but it seems strange that canned the Elmar 3.8 too. They no longer have any 24mm lenses in the catalogue. Sad. I suppose the focal length enjoyed a renaissance when the M8 was released and became less popular with the move to full frame.
  9. Sure - I have a Fuji camera which does that. There are also SLRs, TLRs, view cameras, and more. But Einst_stein and I were talking about cameras for mounting M lenses on, and what one's preferences might be, and there I think there are only the two alternatives mentioned.
  10. I do think it is a different 'way of seeing', and in that sense an attraction in itself, but can also see why you and others might prefer mirrorless EVF only cameras
  11. The shape reminds me a bit of the Hexar RF, which in some ways was my favourite M camera. I couldn't spend what they are asking for it, but, as Philip said, I wish them well with an interesting camera.
  12. What OS are you running? I think that Sierra and older don't autoupdate anymore.
  13. They should also stop with the many, many layers of premium-grade cardboard that Leica cameras come packaged in (unless this has also changed?)
  14. Meanwhile, the M7 continues to be listed on Leica's website: https://uk.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-M/Leica-M7 I feel sorry for the guy tasked with coming up with a distinctive bit of puff for each bit of Leica kit, but why would the company think of retiring something it calls 'the crowning glory of classic Leica M photography'?
  15. To me, even a ten year commitment would seem quite short for a camera which you can still buy (and not for an inconsiderable sum) new today.
  16. Good (but sad) to know, thanks. I suppose one could harvest defunct Hexars (which have failed for other reasons), but that's no way to live.
  17. As a cheaper AE M-mount camera, you could also consider a Hexar RF (if you prefer wider lenses) or a Zeiss Ikon (if you prefer longer ones). I had a Hexar for a time and really enjoyed using it.
  18. If true, it's a strange way to communicate with one's customers: through rumour sites and the holdings of third party retailers. A few years back I ordered a M7 through the a la carte program. I see that one can still do so (for now): https://a-la-carte-configurator.leica-camera.com/?lang=en&DEF=definitions_UK It's also still listed on Leica's website: https://uk.leica-camera.com/Photography/Leica-M/Leica-M7
  19. Which card are you currently using, Pete? To the OP, this may not be an option for you, but I kept my M9 -- it is worth more to me than I would get for it on the second-hand market, and the CCD files, while having less latitude, are lovely -- probably the closest thing to a Kodachrome slide in the digital world. But with its high ISO capabilities, the M10 opens up a new world in terms of rangefinder photography
  20. But aren't the 'flaws' what make this a cult lens? There are any number of other, highly corrected 90s to choose from.
  21. What I meant is a re-presentation of an older optical formula, but as well as modern technology will allow. But I take your point.
  22. A better analogy IMO is the remastering of an old recording.
  23. Nothing wrong with the shutter sound, its the wheezy re-cocking sound which is so awful. But I do agree that there is something special in the M9 files at base ISO, reminiscent of slide film. I also appreciate that the start-up and wake-up times are quicker than for the M10. For these and other reasons I decided (at least for time being) to keep my M9 to use alongside the M10.
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