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  1. Blimey! Thank you. I wish I'd known this a couple of years ago. Tony
  2. Six or seven months in and I really like the CL but I totally agree with number 1. It drives me mad! Tony
  3. Yes No No - I still have an original T which hasn't been used since the CL arrived and will probably have to go. I must say that I'm really pleased with the CL; better than I expected which I think must go down to the superb viewfinder. Other than a little testing I haven't done much yet with M lenses but when I get more time ......
  4. I wish I knew! I found it in a box of bits at home and it has no markings other than "Japan". I use a similar, although larger outer diameter, metal hood on my 18-56 T lens. That one is from Dorr and suits the lens but it may look a bit big on the 23mm. Tony
  5. With apologies for the delay but finally.... Tony
  6. I'm obviously doing something wrong. How do I include a picture using a Mac? Thanks. Tony
  7. Not sure what happened to the picture! Still working on it. Tony
  8. A quick picture, in very low light, which I hope shows what you need. Tony
  9. I use a very slim, screw-in, 3rd party hood on the 23/2, primarily for physical protection, and have not had a problem on the T or CL. Tony
  10. Unlike my M8 I've not had to resort to wet cleaning the sensor on my Leica T. I've had plenty of dust spots but they have always responded to a swipe or two from the Visible Dust Arctic Butterfly brush. Tony
  11. I had a super week on Santorini a couple of years ago - took my M8 with 50mm and 28mm lenses and used the 28mm around 90% of the time. Tony
  12. Likewise, the T has become my most used camera, either with M or T lenses. Tony
  13. I get the same problem with hang ups which seem completely random; at least I haven't been able to see any pattern. It can be a pain especially as I have to remove the half case (with a small coin) before removing the battery. However, it works every time and doesn't happen very often. I've never charged the battery via USB. Tony
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