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  1. That I don't know; obviously there is a serious misunderstanding somewhere. You would have to ask Youxin. BTW, I he received a Leica II from me on Saturday, November 12. Today he advised me it was in the mail back to me after a CLA, new shutter curtains and replacement of pressure plate springs. He is fast! And the work is good. JimL
  2. Yes it is. He has been back in the USA for some months and is attempting to retrieve his collection, which the Chinese authorities have held. I believe he has retained a lawyer. He is extremely disalusioned and saddened by the corruption he experienced. Jim
  3. This is very interesting. Can you tell me if the Micro-Visoflex had a specific catalog number? I would be interested in finding one for my macro work.
  4. In my Leica Equipment Catalogue from 1957 thereis this listing under auxiliary Mounts for the Focoslide. What does this mean, I wonder? JImL
  5. Thanks for the opinion. I think I'll keep it simple and stick with just the FISON. JimL
  6. My Elmar red scale (meters,1956) has a 9, when looking at it as it is mounted on the camera. Turned the other way it could be a 6. My Summitar (feet, 1949) has oo or perhaps 8. Jim
  7. After using an ELMAR 5cm/f3.5 plus FISON hood for more than 30 years on my IIIf I only now have become aware of the VOOLA diaphragm adjusting ring accessory. Is this practical? Does it remain a separate piece or become fixed to the lens or hood? Seems like something I might loose if it comes off when I remove the lenshood. I once tried a VALOO but it seemed better suited for use on an enlarger. Thaks for your help. Jim
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