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  1. Hi Luigi Thanks so much, but I always read in the internet and literature "Most of the Leica IIId, according to sources, had gone to the hands of the military. A majority of orders were from Luftwaffen of Nazi Germany, Japanese Naval and US Signals Crop." Do you know why?
  2. Hi Members I was just trying to get some more information about my Leica IIId. But not only the camera also the knowledge about it seems to be quite rare?! I read that most of the 427 cameras were build for military use but never saw one with military engravings and also my camera has none? Is there someone with some more information about it or even has a picture? Thanks Rotwang
  3. Collecting Leica is always a question of money and not of time! Westlicht, Rahn and and the others have every year hundreds of very special unique Leica items to sell........
  4. Hi, just found in my Leica stuff (yes, I am cleaning up before Christmas) an envelope with two "Leica Test Dias". Is there anybody here who knows for which kind of projector? Are these test slides still useful or just nice to have? Thanks a lot
  5. Oh please not another Grandpa story. Last week someone told me that his Grandpa bought a gold plated Leica from a Russian pilot after the 2nd WW. Seems that all Grandpa's meet at the fake market ;-)
  6. Hi Luigi You can rotate the thin metal cover over the middle axis. Behind the metal sheet seems to be some kind of paper or tissue? I do not know what this is. In fact it seems that the box was never used. Even the paper folders are not marked yet? Thanks Joerg
  7. Hi, I bought these "Leica bakelite box" incl. the paper folders. In my opinion the box is for negatives or maybe pictures? I didn't found any information within my literature like the Leica-Code? So maybe someone can help? Thanks
  8. Thank you for your post but want do you want to tell to the community? There are a lot of IIg for a better price at the bay right now.
  9. Dear Luigi Thank you very much for the answer. But there is still the open question about the viewfinder. It's like producing tires without having rims? I have a TEWE viewfinder and I will post pictures but I am still a little bit confused.
  10. Dear All Thank you very much for your inputs. I do not understand why Meyer Görlitz build a lens without a fitting viewfinder (and also Leica seems to have no fitting viewfinder)? Seems to be an answer why the lens had no success. But anyway does someone ever made pictures with it?
  11. Hi, I bought a coupled Meyer Goerlitz Tele Megor f=18cm for M39 Leica some times ago. Because of the focal length I do not know to use it or to put it in the cabinet (seems be rare; I found just a few links within google). Does someone knoe this lens? Is there a viewfinder available for 18cm? Thanks
  12. The "Betriebskameras" were used for internal use only and produced / engraved only when needed. So why to take care about place of engravings or spend money for tools or fixture? In my opinion it is not so remarkeble?
  13. Sorry forgot the attachments. Here is the picture of mine.
  14. Hi, I also have one of those: "Betriebsk. M2-2016". I also have a "M2 Leitz-Eigentum". I do not know the difference. Maybe someone is able to help? Best regards.
  15. Thank you all. Seems that the one offered to me was just a fake. But I will continue searching for it......
  16. I hope someone can help me. Is there a viewfinder VIDOM existing with German military engravings like "Reichsadler" (German eagle) or do we talk about a fake? Thanks a lot
  17. I have a Kilfitt Kilar 1:3,5 90 for Leica SM in my collection. Actually I dfo not understand the lens? I only need two scales (distance and aperture)? Is there a misunderstanding from my side? Could someone please help me. Thanks
  18. Thank you all for the answer. I am not happy with it because I do not like military items. Does someone know where to sell? What maybe the price for it?
  19. I have a common lens in my collection "Leica Elmar 9cm 1:4 for SM39. This one has some engravings on the screw mount side : "W.H." Does someone know about it? Are these the initials from the original owner? Please see pic's below Best regards Rotwang
  20. sorry for the bad picture quality ;-)
  21. Oh sorry, I continue in English of course. Here there is the possibility to enter the serial number and to receive the production date. But even here there was no answer. So once again: Why do the official sites (incl. standard google search) talk about serial numbers for lenses beginning from 100'000 and this one is 96xxx? Do someone know a good internet side or has an answer for it? Best regards Rotwang
  22. Ich habe ein Hektor 7,3cm 1:1,9 für meine IIIa gekauft. Jetzt habe ich probiert die Produktionszeiten zu vergleichen (soll ja wenn möglich passen). Leider hat dass Hektor eine Seriennummer 96xxx. Ich habe immer gedacht die Serieenummern gehen erst ab 100.000 los? Im Internet habe ich gesucht, leider nichts Gescheites gefunden. Hat Jemand einen Tipp? Danke im Voraus
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