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  1. I did trade it for the R. I also have the sl2. Seems to be a great combo
  2. UPDATE I think it was two faulty card readers.....one USB 3.0 and one older. I just used a 3rd one that is USB-C and works great so far. Will do some more tests.
  3. I just got the SL2, and am doing some tests. Is everyone having huge issues importing photos into Lightroom? I am seriously importing 15 photos for more than 30 minutes. They are all DNG. I am using a PC, and what should be a USB3 card reader. My card is a san disk Extreme plus 150 mb/s card. I have never had that issue with my mac before! Is there a trick that I am missing? Thanks!
  4. Thanks! That indeed does look better! Yes Croatia was awesome! ...it always is! P
  5. Roman remains in the city of Pula in Croatia M10 and 28 cron
  6. hahahaha awesome.... thanks for providing feedback for a kid that is shooting around par (69-75). i also thought i would give him feedback but as he beats me big every time i now just shut up and enjoy! more golf photos coming up!
  7. Stuart, can you please elaborate on the shoes? Dont get it....? Thanks P
  8. One of the first shots with the M10.... Kids practice round on a golf course! B&W... 28 cron
  9. the same just happened to me. Very first shot on M10 was 09957.... Very confused! It doesnt look like a used camera, but am verifying with the Leica store.
  10. Stormy Depoe Bay, Oregon M240 + 21 super elmar
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