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  1. Those who have both Leica’s VE 90-280 and the Sigma 150-600, I would like to hear your experience on image quality created with Sigma 600mm full frame and Leica 280mm cropped for an equivalent subject size.
  2. I have been experiencing quite a few times that after taking a series of photos, the camera gets stuck, with the status LED continuously blinking but no other camera button is functional, even the off/on button doesn’t work. The only way to get out of the loop is to take out the battery. It happens quite randomly, mostly after a burst of shots. However, I am unable to reproduce the error always after every burst. Sometimes, it works fine sometimes it gets stuck.I have tried different SD cards, but can’t find a particular reason, except that the camera is randomly malfunctioning. Any advic
  3. Thanks for posting the image. It gives a clear picture. How long have you had the bag and are you happy with it?
  4. Does any one use the PD 6L sling bag to carry a SL2 with 24-90 Elmarit attached? Is there any space left to carry small accessories like blower, table top tripod,etc? and how does it feel to carry for 2-3 hours? any other similar alternatives?
  5. After leaving the above comment in another thread on the topic of Flash unit, I experimented again with my Leica SF C1 transmitter and the Nissin i60A flash for Canon. Soon after buying the i60A, I had to send it to the distributor to get the paid firmware upgrade. I believe there are three factors in play, the SL2 itself, the SF C1 transmitter and the i60A flash. Below are some of my observations: 1. Even when I set the lowest shutter speed to 1/60sec in the SL2 for flash, when I select P or A modes, the shutter can go down to any duration, depending on the ambient light. This creates ha
  6. The Leica SF C1 confirms compatibility with Nissin Air system. My experience with the Nissin i60A, Leica's SF60 is based on it, is varied. Firstly, one has to get the firmware in the i60A upgraded to the latest one for which the flash has to be sent to the Nissin distributor and pay roughly US$ 35 for the upgrade. After the firmware upgrade, my experience has not been satisfactory. Sometimes the TTL flash work fine and many times, does't. I have failed to reproduce the failure situation, as it seems to be randomly occurring. A vague association is when there is good ambient light, like room we
  7. I have had the SL2 now for the last 9months and haven't yet changed teh AF profile from the default Children/pets option. I have varied success with moving subjects, like running children, children on swings. Any further guidance on tweaking the AF profile across its three parameters for birds in flight , children on swings would be much appreciated.
  8. Is the image as you would see in the viewfinder, or is it laterally inverted?
  9. The lack of a tilting display on the SL2 makes it difficult to shoot from low or other than eye level angles. Has anyone tried to put a secondary display, say mounted on the flash shoe so that it becomes easy to see the with low or difficult angles. I saw using the Atomos Ninja for also recording video. Can the iPhone mounted on the hot shoe be a possibility or any other display option?
  10. With due respect to individual's purchase justifications, I believe the large investment in a Leica is for its lenses and not so much for the body (M aside). I too debated on the lens, eventually, bought the SL Vario-elmart 24-90 to go wiht my SL2. Though heavy, I have managed to lug it for full day trips with a lot of walking, I do not need to change lenses, and the quality of images are ideal. A very personal decision of mine.
  11. Many thanks tfor your advice. I bought a 256 GB ADATA's Premier One V90 SDXC card at the price of a V60 of other brands (Lexar). As my MacBook Pro has SSD, I hope to benefit from the faster download speeds of the V90. The Black Magic Disk Speed Test App reported a 220MB/s Write speed and 252MB/s Read speed.
  12. Does anyone have experience using the Leica TL 35mm f1.4 on an SL2? I have the following questions. 1. I know that the image will be a 24Mpixel cropped image, but will the field of view be equivalent to the original 35mm, or it will multiplied by the crop factor? 2. How does the AF speed? as compared to a L lens, say the 24-90mm elmarit zoom? Thanks.
  13. with my existing 64GB cards quickly getting filled in regular shoots, i am considering buying 128GB or 256GB cards. However, the cost of V90 cards are prohibitive. Are V60 rated cards appropriate? I am mostly a still photographer who will want to take advantage of high speed shooting and occaisional 4K videos. And any preferred brands- Adata, Angelbird, Sony or Lexar?
  14. Have been enjoying making images with my SL2 and the vario-elmarit 24-90. However, still trying to learn and to improve my focus rate for moving subjects. I have been trying mainly AFc and Face/body tracking with a reasonable success rate of say 60-70% which I am hoping to improve with better technique. I have not yet tried the Tracking option of AF metering and its link with Afs and AFc as the manual says both can be used.
  15. Sunset at Taj Mahal, Agra India. Leica SL2 with SL 24-90mm at 24mm ISO 200 f10 1/200s. Image cropped and levels adjusted in Capture One.
  16. Thank you Aktenschrank, I indeed had changed the user profile in between. I now managed to save the change following your instruction.
  17. Thank you Jeff for the trick. However, it the function is not saved to the button. It ony works once and again comes back to the default setting of magnification!
  18. Received my new SL2 last Wednesday. Still understanding all functions. Am struggling to find a way to customize the two front FN buttons. Not obvious in the manual. Is there a way to assign the User Profiles to a button? I have customized the press of the joystick to AF-L (back-button AF). Is there a way to uncouple AF-L from the shutter button half-press? Is there a way to customize the thumb wheel to maginfy the image on playback instead of the front wheel? Would be intersting to know how SL2 owners have customized their FN buttons and wheels.
  19. A question to those who have used a black or duck tape to cover the Leica logo or the red dot. Is there any risk to pull of the white lettering paint or the red logo paint when removing or peeling off the tape?
  20. All of the experiences are regarding teh very long tele lenses 400mm and above. Is there any similar experience with other teles 85 or 100mm the Cnon 70-200mm zoom? That would be very helpful.
  21. Autofocus! Hello Alex, As I have gone through a somewhat similar situation, sharing my thoughts here. Like you, I too am an amateur photo enthusiast and have been using Canon SLR and DSLRs for the last 40 years. Presently, I have the Canon 1Dx. Some 7-8years ago, I bought a second hand M8 and have since been wedded to the Leica digital M and currently own the M10. It is an exceptional system and the quality of images are excellent for candid, landscapes and stationary portraits. The Canon was exclusively for wildlife photography with tele lenses. However, since my twin grandkids became to
  22. Thanks for your response. Which strap do you use?
  23. I will soon be getting the Leica SL2. I am considering my first SL lens to be the Vario Elmarit SL 24-90 to go with it. However, I am worried as how the lens and body balances in hand. I presently have a similar weighted Canon 1Dx with the EF 24-70 f2.8 lens combination, the only difference being that in Canon's case, the body is 1200 gms and the lens 800gms. While in SL situation, the lens is almost 1150gm and the body 800gms. I have the link comparing the two cameras here. I am comfortable holding the Canon combination, but would like to know from those who have the Leica SL2 + VE SL24-90, h
  24. Many thanks for posting your real life review of a production model. Even though, brief, it was very useful and am now even more eager to get my SL2. Don't know how far it is in the queue.
  25. Thanks. Most of the reviews are of pre-production models with pre-production firmware. Reviews of the now in production cameras would be valuable.
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