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  1. You are right that I meant high burst speed. It is confirmed that in silent mode, all speed modes up to and including high speed do not have any lag. The lag only happens with the “very high speed” mode as marked with “s” in the menu.
  2. I am using the SL2s with firmware version 2. Noticed that in super high speed mode, it needs about 1 second before the first photo is captured. This happens with all three of the prime lenses 35, 50, and 75mm all updated to firmware version 2. If I look at the bottom right corner, the frame counter starts at 50 and it shows that about a second will pass after the shutter is pressed before it starts to count down. This is confirmed by taking a photo of the moving second hand of a clock. The first photo captured shows the second hand is 1 second after the shutter is pressed. This lag i
  3. Thank you Jaap. Your advice is very useful and I will follow them. With USB PTP it is not possible to eject card as the connection does not show up on the Mac as a drive. I always eject the card if I use USB MassStorage. Btw this hanging does not happen with Nikon, Sony, or MFT cameras that I use.
  4. This problem occurs with M9 and Monochrom. If USB is set to PTP (no problem with Mass Storage), I can download all pictures via Lightroom 6 on a Mac Pro. Everything is fine except when the downloading is finished, and I disconnect the USB cable, the camera M9 and MM hangs completely. It can only be started if the battery is removed and then re-inserted. Was just wondering if anyone else has noticed this same problem? Thank you in advance for any comment although my current solution is to use only USB Mass Storage.
  5. I would appreciate it if someone can enlighten me on whether the lens correction profile actually affects the DNG files. I understand that the correction profile set will affect the exif data. I do not mind having wrong or no exif data but I do NOT want the DNG files affected by the lens correction as I prefer to apply corrections manually on Lightroom. Thanks in advance.
  6. How does one report to Leica? They dont seem to have a bug report email anywhere on their website. Leica could benefit from user bug reports as do most good software companies. It would improve their debugging process. Thanks.
  7. Capture One seems to have less purple fringing than Lightroom even before applying fringe removal. If purple fringing (Capturre 5 Pro only), is applied the removal is stronger than with defringing activated on Lightroom. That is to say Capture 5 removes all purple fringing but Lightroom leaves a slight fringe behind. I dont know whether this stronger defringing action of Capture one is good or bad. It helps when there are edges shot against bright light (ie slightly over exposed part of picture) with very wide angle lenses are large aperture, eg, the 21mm Summilux at the edge.
  8. So far my experience is no hang if delete all is done from normal view mode.
  9. In Capture 5 Pro, there is a moire removal function. Very simple sliding scale to use. I have tried with a few examples of moire removal and it seems to work quite well for both colour and pattern moires. This feature plus the removal of purple fringes seem to be the only 2 useful additional functions that make 5 pro superior to capture 5. quote=borowiec;1146634]Meino, What is PW 5pro? I have moiré quite frequently and haven't found a good way to get rid of it. I use Raw Developer, which I have found to yield sharper and more detailed results than either Capture One or Lightro
  10. The M9 hangs completely if one uses the delete all function while in the magnified play mode. If delete all is performed at the normal viewing size, everything is normal. I wonder if this is a general problem or only with my camera Thanks for any other's experience.
  11. I just got a 21mm summulux. I used it on the M8.2 and on the Capture 4 software, the lens is shown up as a 21mm f1 and not f1.4. Is this a common problem and is it serious? Grateful if anyone else has any advice on this. Thank you.
  12. Are you shooting with or without the IR filter? There is some suggestion that the IR filter is problematic with cameras other than M8.
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