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  1. Good question. I bought the camera used. Always though it came with the camera. It feels rigid so I guess trying a piece of rigid plastic, maybe my credit card, to prop it off would be good. But once I do that how do I replace it?
  2. I have somehow managed to get a little condensation behind the protective glass for the LCD screen. I've never applied one of these protective screens myself before, but would like to remove it as it's a little annoying. Any suggestions/best practices other than just ignore it? 😉 Thanks!
  3. Begin quote: “The new lenses will be manufactured according to the new quality standards of Leica, while preserving the artistic aesthetic, unobtrusive characteristic of the objectives of the factory KMZ”, said to AFP the press service of Shvabé, stating that the purchase price of the new device would be located between 5000 and 6000 euros (between 5700 and 6800 francs). End quote Source https://sivtelegram.media/leica-brought-back-the-legendary-zenit/47479/
  4. I haven't been to this festival, but I have been to the Austin City Limits music festival. I've carried by Leica both times. The last time a man in front of me had a SLR with zoom lens. He also had a big camera bag. The security wouldn't let him in. I walked in right behind him, no issues for my Leica M9.
  5. I just got word from Leica that my sensor is indeed corroded. I should get it back mid-March. I sent it in Jan 30. If only I had followed your advice sooner... Thanks to all here! The collected advice is always helpful and I would be wiser in the future to follow it better. I am taking advantage of the time waiting for backordered CCD's and also getting my 35mm Summicron ASPH 6-bit coded and digitally calibrated.
  6. Doc, No, it's an M9. I've cleaned the sensor with a Giottos Rocket Air Blower and DustAid Platinum DSLR Sensor Cleaner. The spots are oil spots as far as I can tell, at least I am unable to clean the spots with those two methods. I think it might be worth it for me to send it in with my 35mm Summicron. My range finder needs adjusting too, and the lens needs 6-bit coding and maybe optimized for digital. I think that I've read reports here that sending it in can take a long time. So I guess I'll send it all out mid-November when my calendar looks free for a few months. I'
  7. Ok, thank you. I just changed it.
  8. I was looking for dust on my sensor and noticed two artifacts in the image. One at the top looks like stitches. The other looks like a white dot on a line. I tried to paste the image to the forum but had trouble. Here's a link to it. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s252/sh/886cc1a0-76f6-42e1-99e3-8b8102a2add3/a5c4be46a77e065a12b9dabdeabea84b Are these issues that need a sensor replacement?
  9. I was worried. What happened to those M8 photos? The ones that I used to love. The ones that were made when the M8 was still fairly new. The ones that made everyone want to buy the new digital Leica. Where they still good? Since then the M9 has come out. And several Nikons, Canons, etc were released. These new cameras have all the bells and whistles. Does that mean those old M8 photos were no longer good? I was worried. But then I looked at LFI again, and realized something. A good photo made with a good camera is forever good. I stopped worrying.
  10. Your photo of this store are better than mine.
  11. I use a Macbook Air everyday with LR3 and M9 compressed DNG's. It's the 2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB of RAM. It's rock solid and super fast. The SSD is amazing. Booting up and launching apps is almost instant. Importing SD cards using the built in card reader is amazingly fast. Enjoy!
  12. Stolen Camera Finder - find your photos, find your camera It looks like most (all?) of Leica digital cameras are supported.
  13. The shutter issue hasn't resurfaced. As suggested by Howard, I checked out the thread Anatomy of the Leica M8 and I think the shutter has worked itself back into position.
  14. Just a storm in a teacup, IMHO. petewarden/iPhoneTracker @ GitHub
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