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  1. An intriguing subject, this cropping and not easy to grasp. Here is my summary of the topic: Cropping means changing the angle of view of a picture, nothing more. So the DOF generated by the set up of the camera and the distance to the subject etc. will not change. Meaning that a picture taken by a Q2 wide open will keep all of it’s characteristics of the set up (FF, 28mm, f/1.7, distance of subject) except the angle of view generated by 28mm after cropping. Do I make a mistake somewhere? Regards, A Cappella
  2. Thanks for the reply and yes you are right. You sometimes read about the effective aperture while cropping, for instance in the review of the Q2 by mr. Slack (I quote:) The four digital zoom modes are: (addition thanks to John Kot in dPreview for calculating effective aperture) 28mm 8368 x 5584 47mp . effective aperture f1.7 35mm 6704 x 4472 30mp . effective aperture f2 50mm 4688 x 3128 14.6mp effective aperture f2.8 75mm 3136 x 2096 6.6mp . effective aperture f4.6 So I start to wonder: what is the definition of effective aperture in t
  3. Thanks for all the insights on the Q2 and Q2M, considering myself a Q2M Have a more theoretical question: what is the explanation of larger DOF while cropping, must have something to do with diameters of these famous ‘circles of confusion ‘ and the efeect of cropping (= enlarging) on them or am I wrong here. Is there a thread explaining this? Where explicit calculations are shown? Regards and thanks, Acapella
  4. Dear all, I am using the Leica Foto's app (2.1) with 'Geotagging' set to always and in the iPhone I also have set the switch 'Location data permission' to always. While shooting pictures (with the Q2 but also with the SL2) I can see the bluetooth and satelliet symbols projecten in the EVF. Still I do not see GPS data appear in the metadata (using Lightroom Classic). I must be missing something very simple here, has anybody any idea? Thanks & regards.
  5. Thanks for the explanation Jaapv. For my understanding: does this same lens on the FF sensor and the APS C sensor not also result in a (marginal) DOF difference (independent of cropping)? That’s how I read the table provided by Nicci in this same post (a FF f/x lens will on the APS -C sensor become a f/1.5x lens so with the different DOF characteristics). Or do I make a mistake here? Regards.
  6. Not knowing if this is the right thing to do but I use AF in tracking mode. While recomposing the original focus point (in fact area) stays in place. Interested if there are other methods Regards
  7. I was expecting the same as Peter Griebel: the possibility to place the crosshair very precise through magnification while in AF mode. (The D-Lux in AF spot mode automatically shows a magnification for doing so!). Overall: the SL2 is a wonderful camera. And thanks for all the tips and tricks in this forum for using the SL2 and getting to know it’s functionality. Regards
  8. Of course, always a possibility, you are right. But the ‘real time’ framing during crop-mode shooting could be an advantage. And it is one step less during post processing. A matter of taste I guess. Regards
  9. And don’t forget the advantage (as I see it) to use the ‘original’ SL lenses in 20MP crop mode!
  10. With all the (valuable) speculations on the advantages of the upcoming SL2 (good reading!) I never read anything about the pro’s/cons of this SL2 while using TL lenses. Did I missed that or is it a of no interest? Looks interesting to me. Regards
  11. Dear Exodies, Thanks for the answer. Yes,i know of the ‘detour’ with Apple photo’s. I thought it more elegant to use the Leica app also to avoid all this storing in the cloud. Anyway, it seems you are sure the orginal files are stored this way (and not smart previews) so once again thanks for the answer. Much appreciated. Regards, Acapella
  12. Dear all, In fact I am looking to a workflow combining the capabilites of the LeicaSL app with Lightroom CC on my iPAD pro. The flow should contain the following steps (roughly): 1. Upload photo’s using the Leica SL app (and use these for first sharing them with customers, familly etc.) This is straightforward while the app is easy to use. 2.Import the uploaded photo’s into LR CC. So the originals are then available for first editing while travelling. This is not straightforward at all as far as I can see. Unless I am overlooking functionalites it doesn’t seem possible to ‘im
  13. Dear all, Thank you for this discussion and the thoroughness of it. I am using my Sl with 24-90 for a couple of months now (not as a professional) and must say that I also have the impression that results are 'soft'; at least 'softer' than I expected. (Being used to the M9/50Lux results and Nikon D4/80-200, which I rented before having the SL). And that sharpness corrections are necessary to get the right results you expect out of the camera and lens (of this brand and reputation!) So looking forward to the results and conclusions coming out of these almost scientifically carried o
  14. Thank you all for the extensive answers. Observation seems to be right. No, I am certainly not a web tester but want to know my equipment, where applicable with some (rough) indicative figures. Many thanks
  15. Dear reader, Just started to 'use 'Leica SL for the Leica look of the photo's and the minimalistic set. So in the midst of a learning curve (maybe the most pleasant period when using a camera). So lots of questions; one related to speed. With a UHS ll (SanDisk Extreme Pro 280 MB/s 64 GB) card what can I expect for time to write a full buffer to the card. It seems to take about a minute. Cannot find any figures on this, so just asked myself if this is right or can be made quicker (card type?) Thanks
  16. Dear all, Using Aperture I would like to have the possibility for lens corrections(correcting wide angle shots mainly); any suggestions for plug ins? Regards, A Capella
  17. Just found the excellent thread on ppi, dpi etc. from RichC right above my posting! So that helps!
  18. Dear all, First of all: I am fan of this forum since this year, I am really impressed with the wealth of knowledge and expertise everybody is willing to share! Now, since the end of october I am photographing with a M9 with several lenses! And I am very pleased with it during a first trip with it to Singapore and Australia.!! But of course a couple of (practical, simple, beginners?) questions are coming up while processing my pictures (in Aperture 3): 1. Is there already a sort of standard preset M9 profile available for the M9 to be used within Aperture 3. Or any common under
  19. Being new to the Leica world (I have my M8.2 by now and a 50 lux asph!) I wonder if anybody is using the blackrapid strap for the M's? I liked it on my Oly E3! Regards
  20. Dear all, New to the rangefinder 'arena' I am starting with the M8.2 and a couple of lenses (I already own the WATE, could get it second hand:) With another two lenses to go I am looking for a suitable back: it should contain the M8.2, the lenses, Macbook Pro and a light tripod. Any suggestions? The other day I saw from Manfrotto a sort of package deal: tripod and handy backpack (with room for laptop) with a case you could take out for hiking etc. Any experience with that? Many thanks for the replies! A Capella
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