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  1. I have a SL2 and M10 and M10M so I guess the same applies to an SL2S and M10R. I do not know if you are aware that the M and SL2 obtain the date/time in a complete different way. The M can only automatically get the date/time via the GPS of the Visoflex and only if in the menu GPS is ON and in the date/time settings the toggle obtain date/time via GPS is also ON. In that case the timezone will be greyed out. If you do not have a Visoflex the time can only be set manually. The SL2 however obtains the date/time via Fotos app via Wifi. In the date/time settings you must sel
  2. My first Leica was a M9 followed by whatever digital M generation Leica made up until now (I skipped the P, R and D versions). I always had 2 batteries. One in the camera, one in the charger. Whenever I picked up my camera for a shooting journey I replaced the battery in the camera with the fully charged one. In more than eleven years I never ever encountered an empty battery during the day. So discussions about limited battery capacity are always puzzling me. I started digital photography in 1999. I kept all my pictures I took since then. I have 20K pictures on my server. I go
  3. I have the Leica Elmarit 28 ASPH as well, but if you also want to explore the LTM route I can also recommend the W-Nikkor 28 f3.5. Only 125g.
  4. Hi Vincent, Although the M10M can handle high ISO fairly well the lower the ISO the cleaner the file will be. So unless you were constantly shooting fast moving objects I would also set the speed dial to Auto and two times the focal length to ensure no camera shake, the Auto ISO to a max of 6400 ISO for example. With the aperture ring you select the depth of field and Auto speed and Auto ISO will - within their set limits - automatically be selected to the lowest possible value combination. For more static scenes it makes no sense to set the speed fixed to 1/500 and let the Auto
  5. Hello and welcome to the forum. The firmware Leica will provide you is specific for your camera and not to be exchanged between other cameras as it will remap the wrong pixel(s). So you will probably have to provide Leica with a DNG file taken by your camera that shows the defect and they will mail you a DefectMapFirmware that is specific for your camera. Good luck !
  6. So true. And to emphasis this I did a quick run through the list of Leica's lenses that are beautifully integrated and work sometimes even better on an SL than on their native camera system : >80 M lenses 10 S lenses 68 R lenses 30 LTM lenses All from Leica alone. I did not count the M mount lenses from Voigtländer, Zeiss, Minolta, 7artians and the like. Or the LTM compatible Canon, Nikon etc from the past. And I forgot probably the R compatible lenses from other manufacturers. The L system is indeed a breakthrough platform that has no equivalent and wa
  7. Exactly. I prefer to use 3 of my M lenses (well, one is an LTM) on an SL2 rather than on an M10 : 18 SEM, 75 Lux and 90 Thambar. The SL2 is here the more natural combination than an M with (eventually an Visoflex)
  8. I happen to have some wonderfull M, R and LTM lenses that are difficult to focus using only the RF system. 28 to 75 mm OVF on an M all the way. But wider and longer ... no go for me. Put the EVF on an M or put the lens on an SL. But I'm happy that Leica offer these choices.
  9. Have you considered the R zoom and tele lenses? There are excellent R lenses that are still very relevant for an SL2 or SL2S. Manual focus of course but since you come from an M that should not be a problem.
  10. 100 f2.8 Elmarit-R Macro. THE Leica reference macro lens 280 f4 APO Telyt-R. Combine it with an 1.4 extender and you get a combo that is on par (or better) than the modern 400 mm long Canon and Nikon lenses. and don’t forget the Vario 28-90. A superb lens that holds value and is still very relevant on an SL2
  11. Very good suggestion and I must admit I did not take lens dust into account. Back to the test bench… I see indeed differences between long lenses especially when I cleaned the 180 Telyt R I saw less dust. Yes this must be lens dust. I did not stop here, mostly because I still wanted to prove my point that focal length does affect the amount of dust detected by the M10 dust detection algorithm. Your explanation seemed logic but my mind was not ready to accept it yet 😀 A clean 90 mm Summicron and a clean 90 mm Thambar showed me exactly the same 3 dust spots. Must all be s
  12. Interesting project ! To avoid extreme distortion of the people in the foreground of your composition you might want to use a stepladder and position yourself above your main subject (people). From my lens collection I would choose the Leica 18 SEM for this project .
  13. Enjoy the 100 R macro ! It is a wonderful lens. One of Leica’s R masterpieces.
  14. The fact that with a 180 mm it shows dozen of spots and with a 75 mm only one makes it indeed rather ineffective.
  15. In this same subforum about lenses there is a sticky thread named “the view through older glass”. Almost 7500 posts. Probably these photographers were only inspired by the subject, the light, the composition? Or were they not? I don’t know but this thread is running since 2012 and brings me since then joy following it.
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