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  1. Let's not forget that this app has to go hand in hand with the camera software of the various Leica models (M, CL, SL etc) and different firmware versions of these models. I cannot imagine that Leica has completely outsourced the development of their camera firmware too. So in the event they outsources the development of the Fotos app it seems critical (and hard) to me to keep the two development teams and the two projects in sync. It is therefore not a coincidence that the majority of the complaints are situated in the area of obtaining a reliable connection and obtaining it fast. But all
  2. Wait a minute. What I see in this thread is a lot of people who are finding the Leica Fotos app crap (I’m currently in that camp too), then a lot of people who defend Leica by using various arguments ( small company, user stupidity, wifi setup problem at the user side, works for my intended use etc). All valid opinions. What you are saying is that the only issue you have is unreliable geotagging. While this is probably true and I don’t want to doubt what you are experiencing but this is exactly the perfect demonstration why the Leica Fotos app has “issues” that lead some people to call
  3. Good remark indeed. I've done a quick research and the only thing Leica is saying is to remove batteries from the camera if not used for an extended period. They do not say to remove the battery from the charger. However this might also be interesting (from the M240 manual) : Batteries have only a limited service life. We recommend replacing them after around four years. I've always left one battery in the charger and plugged in since 2009 for my M9. And done the same with consecutive M models. My batteries where still ok
  4. One in the camera. One in the charger at home. Whenever I leave home I replace the former one with the latter, no matter what the battery level in the the camera says. Works for my type of photography for an M10, M10M and SL2 . Autoreview is always off and I almost never use the back screen for reviewing. For some lenses I use the Visoflex. I can’t remember a dead battery moment.
  5. M9, M Monochrom (the original), M240, M246, M10, M10M - Least favourite: M246 because although it was technically a better body than the original Monochrom that was based on the M9 body, but the sensor did not produce the same magnificent b&w as the older model. - Most favourite: M10M because it threw ISO out of the exposure equation “shutter speed - aperture - ISO”. First digital camera I was able to use auto ISO. Although I used to be a wide-open photographer, I’m currently exploring the world of f5.6 on many new and vintage lenses. The M10M makes this possible without looki
  6. Maybe it is just me or it could be that I’m to old and come from the days where (digital) camera’s were fragile instruments with limited lifetime for the shutter for example. However it still feels to me that using an SL with an M lens for a zoom meeting is like towing a trailer with a Ferrari. Of course that will work but if I would be a Ferrari fan it would not feel right. Anyway, interesting to learn that people are using Leica equipment for purposes they were certainly not designed for. The little Leica purist in me conflicts here with the opend minded way that still keeps me amazed abo
  7. A 6.5k camera-lens combination as a webcam… you mean for surveillance purposes, zoom meetings…? Don’t understand the difference between weekdays and weekends use in your question either. Please explain? You raised my attention and/or curiosity.
  8. Same here. As a standard -1 stop or more in very bright and contrast rich environments. Filter mostly orange or even red on the less contrast lenses like the thambar.
  9. I have a SL2 and M10 and M10M so I guess the same applies to an SL2S and M10R. I do not know if you are aware that the M and SL2 obtain the date/time in a complete different way. The M can only automatically get the date/time via the GPS of the Visoflex and only if in the menu GPS is ON and in the date/time settings the toggle obtain date/time via GPS is also ON. In that case the timezone will be greyed out. If you do not have a Visoflex the time can only be set manually. The SL2 however obtains the date/time via Fotos app via Wifi. In the date/time settings you must sel
  10. My first Leica was a M9 followed by whatever digital M generation Leica made up until now (I skipped the P, R and D versions). I always had 2 batteries. One in the camera, one in the charger. Whenever I picked up my camera for a shooting journey I replaced the battery in the camera with the fully charged one. In more than eleven years I never ever encountered an empty battery during the day. So discussions about limited battery capacity are always puzzling me. I started digital photography in 1999. I kept all my pictures I took since then. I have 20K pictures on my server. I go
  11. I have the Leica Elmarit 28 ASPH as well, but if you also want to explore the LTM route I can also recommend the W-Nikkor 28 f3.5. Only 125g.
  12. Hi Vincent, Although the M10M can handle high ISO fairly well the lower the ISO the cleaner the file will be. So unless you were constantly shooting fast moving objects I would also set the speed dial to Auto and two times the focal length to ensure no camera shake, the Auto ISO to a max of 6400 ISO for example. With the aperture ring you select the depth of field and Auto speed and Auto ISO will - within their set limits - automatically be selected to the lowest possible value combination. For more static scenes it makes no sense to set the speed fixed to 1/500 and let the Auto
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum. The firmware Leica will provide you is specific for your camera and not to be exchanged between other cameras as it will remap the wrong pixel(s). So you will probably have to provide Leica with a DNG file taken by your camera that shows the defect and they will mail you a DefectMapFirmware that is specific for your camera. Good luck !
  14. So true. And to emphasis this I did a quick run through the list of Leica's lenses that are beautifully integrated and work sometimes even better on an SL than on their native camera system : >80 M lenses 10 S lenses 68 R lenses 30 LTM lenses All from Leica alone. I did not count the M mount lenses from Voigtländer, Zeiss, Minolta, 7artians and the like. Or the LTM compatible Canon, Nikon etc from the past. And I forgot probably the R compatible lenses from other manufacturers. The L system is indeed a breakthrough platform that has no equivalent and wa
  15. Exactly. I prefer to use 3 of my M lenses (well, one is an LTM) on an SL2 rather than on an M10 : 18 SEM, 75 Lux and 90 Thambar. The SL2 is here the more natural combination than an M with (eventually an Visoflex)
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