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  1. Hello Jono: Your review is succinct and thoughtful, and very helpful! Excellent photos too! Were you shooting an “early” firmware, or the final version? Based on your review, I might consider trading my Q2 for the 10R, which would be my first M. The M clearly offers a different shooting experience than Q, but the 10R should be able to handle the street, landscape, and portraiture that I favor, with the advantage of interchangeable lenses. Manual focus will be my biggest adjustment!
  2. Ordered one as well...looks too good to pass up! 😁👏👍 sounds like first ship date scheduled for April? Reading this fine review right now (thank you as always, Jono!)...http://www.slack.co.uk/leica-q2.html
  3. jjb

    M10 M-D

    Yes exactly, would have been better to make Leica’s interpretation of the groundbreaking Epson R-D1. While the 10-D appears to flirt with the traditional film-camera shooting experience, it appears unwilling to make a full commitment. And that Viso-flex...no. Outdated EVF technology, plus that design belongs on the TL - not on the M10. Having said that...I have to admit that I like the concept of a digital “street” camera that shoots like a film camera. Now I want to hold this 10-D, and shoot some frames in a Leica store (fortunately, one is nearby)!
  4. I won’t draw final conclusions until I actually examine this in store and shoot some frames onto my own card for examination on my computer. But my hopes include: * IBIS, * SL-grade EVF, * SL’s autofocus speed, * weather resistance, * ruggedized mount for use with long lenses like 90-280mm IOW, I’m looking for a “mini SL”, professional-grade, APS camera capable of some wildlife and fast-action photography. However, my guess is that Leica’s XL design goal was for an interchangeable-lens X, great for family and travel photography, adaptable to M, SL, and R lenses, and built w
  5. A very helpful review - thank you! Two quick points: (1) your last two shots are especially impressive...great 3-D pop, very sharp, exceptional color. Both were taken with the Summilux 35/1.4. I hope Leica is/was able to improve the slight AF delay you noticed using this lens with pre-release firmware. Outstanding IQ from that lens! 2) I second your wish for Leica to add future APS-C models, especially a "Mini SL." Now THAT would be a GREAT complimentary system to the SL, small, lightweight, offering a 1.5 crop factor, and able to use both TL and SL lenses!
  6. I like the e-shutter, max 20 fps - but battery says only 250 shots? I like the 24 mp, faster processor and auto focus - but DPReview says autofocus not great for fast-moving objects? I continue to applaud the great build quality and feel, but for me, no integrated VF + no integrated flash = no sale (probably). I will still try it first at the nearby Leica store before making any final decision! Would like to know T/TL sales figures and its customer profile, as I'm puzzled how they can sell this pricey system camera in their desired numbers, in this configuration. Oh well, Leica ha
  7. jjb


    I read the CNET review posted earlier and it appears fair, unvarnished, and detailed. I learned several things, and appreciate the comparisons made vs competition. I don't know the writer, but seems pretty savvy. http://www.cnet.com/products/leica-sl/
  8. I too really like a lot of what the SL offers. I like the industrial design. Very pleased that Leica finally jumped into full frame, I/L autofocus segment. They did so via the mirrorless category, so as not to foolishly attack the fortified hill of DSLRs already occupied by Canon, Nikon. Highest res EVF, reportedly very quiet shutter, big buffer and FAST frame rate, weather sealed. Simple UI and assignable button layout. All very good. My biggest gripe is price, which I think is $4K+ more than it should be for body + lens. Other issues include just 24MP, no phase detect, no
  9. Appears to me that Leica deems their SL to be the industry's first PRO-GRADE, FULL-FRAME MIRRORLESS. Maybe Leica believes mirrorless will replace much of today's DSLR market, and they recognize that Nikon and Canon are slow to develop their own full frame, pro-grade mirrorless models. So Leica aimed at the high-end of this space where profitability should be best, and where the Leica brand has maximum pull. The SL looks to me like an overgrown Leica T (angular, milled from block of aluminum, fixed touch screen LCD), with larger hand grip and an integrated EVF. But it's weather sealed,
  10. Thanks to all for the impressive photos! Very difficult to choose: My vote: 1) Herbstboten / Hartgraef 2) Insekt / Schlemmer 3) Leuchtturm / Hanskb
  11. haha. very understandable - she's a real beauty! reminded me of a 70's R&B classic with the title "If Loving You is Wrong (I Don't Want To Be Right!)" such is the real danger of visiting a Leica shop these days, love at first sight. My compliments to whoever designed the 113.
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