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  1. I believe Leica NJ provides a one-year warranty on the camera after repairs. They may decline to perform partial repairs for that reason.
  2. My wedding use of lenses longer than my 24-70 or 24-90 is for the coming down the aisle shots. Once everyone is in position it is the shorter zoom. I have the two on separate bodies so I don't change lenses during the ceremony.
  3. Possibly what you are experiencing is that exposure preview is disabled when the flash is detected on the SL2. This is a change from the SL, where I have to manually disable it otherwise it reacts to the light from the flash and the EVF goes black. So what you are seeing in your EVF when the flash is active is an image that is independent of your settings.
  4. I read a favorable review of the 24-70 (Jonothan Slack) and almost bought my SL with one, but after looking at the focal lengths I use for events realized I needed the additional reach of the 24-90. Truth be told I also need the 90-280, but that may be a bridge too far. My typical wedding set up has been a Nikon D850/24-70 f2.8 and Nikon D5/70-200 f2.8. So the 90-280 would fit right in and mounted to an SL series body actually weigh less than my D5/70-200 combination.
  5. I recently went with option 1) and picked up a like new SL and 24-90 at a reasonable price. I wanted to start shooting events with Leica rather than my Nikons. Zooms and autofocus are important to me in that role. Regarding weight - the SL/24-90 combination weighs slightly less than my Nikon D850/24-70 f2.8 combination I normally use. The SL series is addictive, and I just added a used SL2. I love the SL with my M and Nikon primes - the SL2 will normally serve as the host for the 24-90.
  6. I just purchased the Cobalt camera profile for the Leica SL. I'm a Capture One user and prefer their ProStandard camera profiles, but unlike the SL2 and SL2-S they do not have one for the SL. The Cobalt profile gives me skin tones I like better than the Capture One generic SL profile and much better than the ones I created by color editing the generic one.
  7. Over time as my internal storage requirements increased I acquired a collection of 500GB, 1 and 2TB hard drives that I replaced with larger ones. With a USB hard drive dock (I use the StarTech version) https://www.startech.com/en-us/hdd/sdocku33ef these drives serve as my off-line backup solution. I store the drives in hard plastic cases designed for the purpose.
  8. If Photoworks is using a third party M-to L-mount adapter I think both of you are correct. I use the Leica M-Mount adapter on my SL and it works as you describe with non-coded lenses. I use a Metabones F-Mount to L-Mount adapter for my Nikon MF primes and it works as Photoworks describes.
  9. You are not alone. I am primarily an available light shooter and flash done poorly is worse than no flash at all. That said, since photography is all about capturing the light, it is hard to get a good image in bad light. By bad I don't necessarily mean low light, which can often be fine, rather light from some LEDs, sodium vapor lamps, etc. Even mixed light from more traditional sources can be a problem. I regularly shoot in a venue where the light is a mixture of tungsten, fluorescent, and daylight through stained glass. There is plenty of light for handheld exposure but getting the colors (particularly skin tones) to be pleasing is a challenge. When possible, I use ceiling bounce flash that eliminates all the color issues and produces much more pleasing shots.
  10. Only the Typ 240 cameras would allow you to use flash and the EVF at the same time. It required the accessory Multi-Function Hand Grip. If you need both the SL series is your choice.
  11. I find that in comparing shots from my Monochroms with B&W conversions from Bayer array cameras that the Monochrom images are more pleasing.
  12. I don't know what best practice is, but with my Voigtlander lenses I just set the lens profile to the closest Leica lens like you do. Possibly experimentation would produce slightly better results, but my lenses are 35 and 50mm so not much correction to worry about. I use the LensTagger plugin in Lightroom to edit the EXIF data to show the Voigtlander lens data.
  13. With my SL I set P-A-S-M to P-A-S in my Flash Profile when in Manual with flash so the exposure preview doesn't get wonky.
  14. I am primarily a social event photographer and try to capture interesting expressions, gestures, and groupings. When folks become aware of me, they will often stop and pose for the camera. I will take the shot but rarely use it. I am much more interested in capturing their unaware-of-the-camera behavior. I am always on the lookout for an interesting face and try to capture what I call a candid portrait of their natural expression. A long lens gets me a tight shot, isolates the subject from the normally busy background., and allows me to work unnoticed. At the other end of the spectrum, I do studio photography and endeavor to capture the expression most flattering to the subject. So unposed when shooting for myself and posed when shooting for others.
  15. If you are a Lightroom user there is the Lens Tagger plugin. That is what I use.
  16. I don't have an SL2-S either, but I feel pretty sure you would have to hold the joystick down to lock the exposure. That is the way the AE-L button on my Nikons work and it is how a half press of the SL shutter release works.
  17. Leica created the M240 as a "system" camera (i.e., the viability to configure it with accessories for a variety of different tasks.) One accessory was the multi-function grip which added: a dedicated SCA terminal for attaching a flash or other accessory; a GPS Module for geotagging images with location information; a power socket; a DIN/ISO-X socket for studio flash systems and a USB port for connection to computer. Apparently Leica decided this was the wrong approach and removed the "system" characteristics when it designed the M10 and subsequent models.
  18. I can't speak to the M11, since my M journey is holding at the point of the M240 & M246, but with those bodies I don't have the issues you are experiencing. In my case the learning curve was mastering rangefinder focusing. Once done it has been smooth sailing. I do think the addition of function buttons in the M11adds to the possibility of inadvertently changing settings. I saw this with my SL when I first got it. Previously I've owned the M8.2 and M9 and currently own the MM, M240, and M246. Their appeal (to me) is that they are virtually digital versions of the film M bodies. The further the new M bodies move from that concept the less appealing they are to me. I have the SL series for when I want something with more technology.
  19. Don't know if this is applicable to third party M to L adapters, but my Metabones F to L adapter has one issue. While I can manually select Leica M and R lenses (and the selected lens nomenclature shows on the LCD when I check it) - it is not recorded in the image metadata. This is very different from when I use my Leica (brand) M to L mount adapter which does result in uncoded lens nomenclature being recorded. So, if having correct lens metadata is important it would be worthwhile to verify the third party M to L mount adapter will permit it.
  20. Are you are referring to the stiff leather strap that came with the first Monochrom? Mine is still in the box. I replaced it with the standard Leica nylon strap that comes with most models. I find that strap to be reasonably comfortable and very practical. The neoprene anti-slip pad won't slip and so allows shoulder carry if desired. I like it enough that I bought a very similar UpStrap model for my non-Leica cameras.
  21. I just found an AA-SCL4 and it is on the way to me. Possibly the last one for sale in the US. My video is done using the Sennheiser AVX wireless system so having a microphone input is important.
  22. I have both the 21 and 24 Elmarit-M lenses. They are excellent on both my digital M and SL bodies.
  23. By "They" I meant the AA-SCL4. Have not seen anything that might substitute for one.
  24. They seem to be available in Europe and Canada, but I have not found one in the US. I will likely just connect my camera mounted microphone to my Ninja V rather than the SL and try and manually figure out the necessary offset to sync the audio with the camera's video. I've been trying to get an AA-SCL4 for internal recording and to set my Ninja to automatically calculate the audio offset. It needs a camera mic input in order to do that.
  25. I love my Ms and they are my primary bodies for my personal shooting. I just purchased an SL with the 24-90 lens as a host for my M glass and to see if it would work for events where I wanted auto-focus. The weight of the SL and 24-90 combination was everything I had been led to expect from posts here. It is a handful and I was not sure I would enjoy shooting with it over an extended shoot. Until ... I picked up my prime event tool, the Nikon D850 and 24-70 f2.8, and could tell no difference between them in weight. Possibly the smaller size and denseness of the SL makes it initially seem heavier than the larger D850. Obviously, if your weight reference is an M the difference is enormous, but compared to a pro DSLR, not so much.
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