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  1. You are welcome ... That's the right place, for another D2 fan ! For sd-card you have to consider that max capacity should not exceed 2GB. I've load a SanDisk Extreme III witch is useful for fast transfer to computer. You can find other brand test on Thorsten D2 pages, a must read. For bag, I was lucky to get the the original leather one. I use it for long travel with some custom adjust to fix camera in-there. But on field, it's still ready on my shoulder ! Happy holiday !
  2. Nope Lithium-ion battery have limited lifetime ... in use or not Hopefully, this kind of battery pack is useful for a lot of material. It should be maintain for a long time after ...
  3. Welcome, I came back to the photography with the D2 ... So that first times ... I was searching for the wind lever after shutter release ! Enjoy this wonderful gear : D2 is second to none !
  4. Hi, Lithium-ion battery have limited lifetime. (top 2-3 first years but could be 5) Did you try some cross test with a new one ? More on this page Is lithium-ion the ideal battery? How to prolong lithium-based batteries : http://www.batteryuniversity.com/parttwo-34.htm All you ever want to know about your battery, and more ! Cheer
  5. + 1 : do not change nothing please : upgrade ! May I add some idea : How to improve the Manual Focus ? Keep the bridge system, improve EVF and add a second micro sensor. So it should be possible to emulate M range finder system by digital processing ? Why not, I'm just computer scientist not optics ? PS. And so many thanks to every www D2 fans : Thorsten, John and every one in there ! Yours faithfully.
  6. Hi gentlemen, Perhaps, D2 don't dominate only conversation ? ! I'm a former film photograph, reflex Pentax Me Super, B&W, process and so ... Since digital, I was looking for the gear that offer to manage picture, like I know. When D2 came out, I understand that's should be this one, but I couldn't : out of range ... By luck, time was on my side and 4.5 years later that's an ebay bargain ! So I could answer to another topic : I have the bug !! But twice the bug : cause this September the sensor fail. In Paris, we've got a Leica repair service workshop, let's go. Above the
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