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  1. cpyu


    New Thambar trial run.
  2. SL2 + M lenses: great combination for the aging but still agile photographers, if you happen to be one of them.
  3. Just a couple of small points: most R lenses have built in retractable lens hood. This feature saves space, and the inconvenience of forgetting or losing the hood. R lenses allow closer focusing distance than M equivalents, a welcome feature in cine mode.
  4. Just bought the new V-Lux 5. Normally I shoot raw. My other Leica cameras(SL, CL, Q2, etc) use DNG format which is easily recognized by LR or C1 Pro. But V-Lux 5 dose not save raw files as DNG. It has its own RAW format, not recognized by the latest LR and Capture One Pro 12. Advice most appreciated?
  5. ISO 100, - 0.3 EV, 1/200, on tripod, raw, processed by Capture 1 Pro 11. F4 set on the R lens, but I did not know the equivalent aperture on such combination of CL + 2X extender.
  6. SL 50 Summilux, 1.4, Auto ISO, 1/400.
  7. This lens is super sharp, whether in dim light or in bright sunlight. no flare even without the hood. Very contrasty. Focus speed is slower than the zooms. Much cheaper than the APO M 50 IN Hong Kong.
  8. The lens mount may be slightly loosened. Had a similar experience when the SL was left on the golf cart which needed to negotiate very bumpy terrain. Just re-attach the lens more tightly and the problem is gone.
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