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  1. Church Interior Tournemire, France. M10 with 21mm f4.5 Biogon
  2. How about the smallest Linhof ever made, a 4.5x6cm Hochformat Camera marked "Val. Linhof" c.1916 and the largest Technika, the 18x24cm "Atelier Camera", c.1938. For size comparison, in between is a Leica Ia, c.1930.
  3. More reminiscent of the typical anti-Leica rants seen online - except for admitting that the M and its lenses are the ultimate best!
  4. The presentation missed the point - it's the Rangefinder that makes the M-series unique. I've used SLR cameras for many years, tried out a few EVF cameras and do not care for them, and am currently trying out a TL2 for when I need autofocus (and as a second camera with an M-adapter). For me the M's Rangefinder is the only way to go, the Fuji X-Pro or anything else doesn't come close. I will likely stay with my M10, after 5 years it still does everything I want or need. I don't think I can afford the M11 if I have to put a Lamborghini in the garage!
  5. Does this mean the elimination, or at least diminution, of the "red flag" effect seen with lenses like the 21mm f4.5 ZM Biogon?
  6. I would find it unconscionable that Leica would not supply a TL2 update for the Visoflex 2. The TL2 has the same Maestro II processor as the M10 and likely more advanced electronics for the firmware upgrade. An improvement in contrast and color would be great, I won't miss the lack of GPS especially if it allows better viewing function.
  7. Is this from Leica, or just the observation posted in this forum? An appropriate firmware upgrade should fix the resolution and field of view issues.
  8. Does anyone know if the new Visoflex introduced with the M11 will work on the TL2? Supposedly a firmware update will allow its use on the M10.
  9. Noticed the blow-out sale on the TL2 with the 18-56 lens? Maybe the technology is 5 years old but the camera still performs well. A that price you get a camera plus the zoom lens for probably about half what a prospective new CL2 body will cost - not a bad deal for a back-up camera when one can also use M lenses with an adapter! It may signal the end of the TL series, and perhaps the 18-56 lens, however.
  10. Yes! Great Info! I agree with the suggestions on APS-C and longer zoom lenses. I took an APS-C Canon with a 70-300 to Uganda where my wife and I volunteered for a month, two weeks in the bush just south of the Sudan border, and two weeks in Jinja on Lake Victoria. APS-C was the perfect choice, lightweight and the 1.5 crop allowed stretching the 300mm when needed. The zoom was also very nice to locate a general area and then zoom in to the specific location. With a long prime it can be frustrating to search around trying to locate a leopard in a tree, for instance. With the zoom I could focus on the general area of the tree, then zoom in and locate the animal. Fast lenses are great for low light, but with the cost comes weight. Fewer lenses are better, especially zooms, changing primes leads to lost opportunities. I am planning on taking my TL2 with the 18-56 and buying the 70-300 Panasonic, unless Leica comes out with something new. I will also have the Sigma 16mm f1.4 along, and am considering taking my 35 Distagon ZM and/or 75 APO Summicron for the evenings. Compact binoculars and an iPad mini to transfer and review images. Trying to keep it all down to a minimum. The anti-malaria pills can cause indigestion, I was only mildly affected, my wife more so. A Coke or Pepsi helped her through it. We had wonderful guides in Murchison Falls and Kidepo National Parks, tip them well - they both need and deserve it!
  11. This is a great post and answers! I am looking for a stabilized lens for an upcoming (later 2022, I hope) trip to South Africa on safari to use with my TL2. (Fully immunized retired Immunologist, lets not deviate into the pandemic issues.) This thread has answered my questions without getting off-track as many seem to do. My hat is off to all the contributors!
  12. To get back to the original post, it is interesting in Roger Cicala's article that apparently none of the wide angle lenses tested (none were Leica, however) met his criteria on the higher resolution sensors. Isn't that what the original post described?
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