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  1. I think you will get a code, then you will need to get into some kind of converter to convert and give you a no... I think. Or they completely randomized it
  2. need rawdigger to find out I think....
  3. XT, well build piece of kit. My P1 dealer trying to push one for me, but I am too deep into the Alpa pit. Pity the shift is only at 12mm. wonder they will come out with an new body or not?
  4. I just use progress circular filter.... and bracket some of my shots.
  5. Yes. That make sense. How can fotodiox make such a bad calculation or the mount flange. Hahaha.
  6. well, looks like early adopter always have risk, particularly with this new framework camera from Fuji. remember the unstable electronics for early GFX100,
  7. why won't it reach infinity? Either the S180 has focus pass infinity build into it for tolerance? The adaptor must be pretty crap...
  8. Do you need to set ithe focal length on the IBIS menu for IBIS to function properly??
  9. The code to the lens need to be crack! hahaha.
  10. ya, bought into a long of stupid system cause I wanted to do a compact camera that can turn into digital backs.....
  11. sorry, I really didn't mean to say X1D was rubbish, just adapting lens is not good with it. A miss opportunity. I have always wanted to build a 1 camera system that can be both street usable while capable of going onto a tech cam body such as Cambo Actus or some adaptor onto Alpa etc. GFX is actually not good for that purpose cause of the longer flange, limited at doing wide angle stuff with a tech cam lens and X1D was just good enough to do it, but the electronics/unstable-ness of the system just makes it as a whole not a very good system to use. It's nicely designed form factor, but maybe be
  12. ohh, the menu system in Fuji is bit strange, never got really used to it if you started using other, all you need to know is that you don't touch anything other than selecting what kind of 'film' you want to use, and set the ISO to Auto... at least that's how I used it. Hahahaha. The most simple menu are always Leica's menu, you get used to it very easily. I think Canon/Nikon are more or less the same, being more complicated, and Sony even more so... and so on and so forth. Fujifilm, once you get use to it, it's very easy cause it's all about the emulsion simulation you choose... they are a fi
  13. it's rumor no? and the GFX100 has been out for close to 2 years, and we hear nothing from the X1D series yet. Personally, I would rather have a smaller body MF, maybe the GFX100s is the answer, but who knows...
  14. I don't understand why the 100mp is only a fuji thing? What kind of devil deal they signed with Sony???? I really wish the Hassy will have a 100mp body. The shutter is definitely not going to happen for X1 series due to the short flange that is design into the construct of the mount. Unless they started a new line completely.
  15. The image processor is the big difference here in terms of S1R and SL2. Cause basically they are identical component cameras to some degree.
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