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  1. Hello again... long time no sign... Here my latest Image with the Q-P
  2. Hi there if the Q is bulky, what is the M with a Summilux? The CL is lovely. It is versatile, it can adapt the M lenses. But the CL will never replace the Leica M. The EVF technique is a step towards a future M with EVF, or maybe a hybrid VF compared to the FujiX100 series. The experience of a M is quite different from the CL. Handling, vision and mind. So depending on your purpose you should decide what is right or better for your needs. With 3ooo£ you can buy a used M240 and a pretty cool Zeiss lens or with some luck even two. If you need auto focus got for the CL. It's pretty fast and much more versatile than the Q if you like and know to handle the M Lenses or equivalent. My advice. If you regret the sale of the Q buy one. This camera you best know and instantly start making good images. The M is more challenging or more demanding. And we'll the CL is cool and can handle both lens types. Auto me manual focus. The cheapest way is the Q. The most expensive way it the CL or M. Why? Once infected with the Leica virus won't save you money. Just my two cents...
  3. Hello, Hope my advice helps a little. I can tell you, that the 50 lux @ f/1.4 bokeh is different from the 50 cron, and the bokeh of the Lux comes closer to the bokeh of the Q than the cron does. But to be honest, if you are going not only for bokeh, than the 50 cron is great. I owned all of them, the 50 Lux I still have, the 50 cron was my starter, and I owned the Q two times. I switched to the CL since it is more versatile and I can use my M lenses with adapter. If you are not a pro, than Leica is a journey. It takes quite some time to find the perfect lens (and camera) for your need. And one can't own enough lenses since all glas from Leica is superb! So, to save you money buy a 50 cron along with your M10. And don't think what lens would be better or if the bokeh is good enough. Concentrate on one lens for one year and learn to handle your camera. This is way more important than the number of lenses you own. Good luck
  4. Excellent Louis, very good. I love the close distance. And this photograph exactly reflects the new society. Anonymously close together...
  5. I have used the CL with adapter and my 28 lux, and I can promise you won't be disappointed. It works pretty well with the CL and focusing is easy. Just my two cents
  6. Danke für die Antworten. In der Tat muss es wohl schmutz gewesen sein. ein paar Mal pusten und saugen und schwups, er tut wieder seinen Dienst. Schöne Weihnachten allerseits.
  7. Hallo, seit dem letzten FW update streikt mein OLY EVF. Vorher funktionierte er ohne problemlos. Jetzt ist nur noch Bildrauschen... Hat jemand vielleicht einen Lösungsvorschlag? Danke.
  8. Hello again, this is the last picture I am posting in this image thread. It's the 7th picture I have taken with the CL and 18mm kit lens. I call it "the pickpocket". It is a hip shot on my way home crossing the xmas market in my hometown. I really regret that had to let go this masterpiece. But as mentioned earlier, for me it doesn't make sense to me keeping the camera as long as I have not enough time to use it... hopefully in the future I will have the opportunity to by a used one for a reasonable price...? A brief conclusion: I can highly recommend this camera to all those who want to use this camera with the advantages of a point and shot camera and the best glas/ prime lenses that exists, Leica. For me it is not a question of sensor size nor of fast lenses. The camera is small, lightweight easy to handle, reduced to the max and consequently follows the big M, concept. The digital viewfinder for me is fairly a great compromise and a joy compared to the Fuji X series. 18mm kit-lens; 1/50 sec. f/2.8 @ ISO 5000 pushed 2 stops
  9. I really much like the CL. Though I have to confess that I have returned the camera to my dealer. The reason is that I have fairly no time to use this tool and thus I had to go. Yesterday the 23mm lens arrived an I have taken a few shots to share with you. Since I see no sense to burn my money and still own my M240 the t decision was clear. Perhaps later I will com back. Good luck and much joy for all those who have bought this wonderful camera! 1/50 sec. @ f/2.8 ISO 3200
  10. congrats to your new toy. you won't regret this!
  11. I have tried the CL with the 28 lux and the 135 apo-telyt. Both are fantastic. Following the link you'll find a picture with the 135 I have taken a few days ago :https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/279062-leica-cl-the-image-thread/?p=3415176 The colors are great and I would say you can shoot the 135 easily @1/125 sec. and 1/100 sec. slower speeds I haven't tested so far... The focus peaking is great. I even without the digital magnifier. 1/100 sec. f/3.4 ISO 3200
  12. Hello Leicanians, I own the M240 coming from the M8 (1,3 crop) form the early digital Leica time, I have to confess that the CL is really tempting. Although I am still not fully convinced. My 28mm lux performs outstandingly good. And my 135mm Apo works also very pleasing. Surprisingly with my 50mm lux asph I could not persuade myself using this lens as a portrait lens by now. And the most frustrating is that against the 28 and 135 lenses with my 50 lux I have problems with focusing. The positive thing is the sensor quality and ist dynamic range together with the lovely grain. Even @ ISO3200 four steps pushed, the image quality is gorgeous! So my first conclusion after 102 images shot with this camera: love and hate Love for the size and lightweight. Hate for my aged eyes and lack of time to shoot the camera more intense. hahaha... And I also have to confess, the crop is not an issue as long as one knows what he is doing. Cheers
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