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  1. Hi Tom, I don't have a an S System but I use the Contax 645 120f4 Apo-Makro on my Contax 645 + IQ180 and via a Steelsring adapter on my Fuji GFX50S. The IQ of the lens is at any distance very good with both cameras. I would say it is not on the level of the razor sharp Fuji GF lenses which are '100 MP ready' but sufficient for sensors like IQ180 (5.2um), Fuji GFX50S (5.3um) and Leica S/S2 (6.0um). I of course 🙂 consider to get the upcoming Fuji GFX100S which will be very demanding with its 3.8um pixel pitch. If I would be in macro works, I would get the Fuji GF 120 macro lens which is surely sharper than the Contax. But in your case, IMO the Contax makes perfectly sense. Br Christoph
  2. chrismuc

    M 50f1.4 ash. FLE: Gegenlicht

    ... so lange man kein Gegenlicht hat. Dann ist es echt für die Tonne. Das M 75f2 asph. FLE reagiert ähnlich. Eure Erfahrung? PS.: Warum kann man in diesem Forum eigentlich nur so winzige Anhänge hochladen?
  3. Das M 50f1.4 asph. FLE ist klasse (bei mir an der M9) ...
  4. chrismuc

    Butter bei die Fische.

    Ich hatte die SL mit dem 24-90 probiert. Sucher, Feeling und Fertigungsqualtät super, AF gut aber bei dem Gewicht und der Größe für mich keine sinnvolle Alternative zu einer - darüberhinaus höherauflösenden - SLR. Und M Objektive verwende ich (mit Auto-Blende) dann doch lieber an der nostalgischen CCD M9. Für 24MP bekommt man mit der Fuji X-T2 und 16f1.4, 23f1.4, 35f1.4, 56f1.2, 90f2 ein Festbrennweiten-Set in M Gewicht und nahezu Qualität und einem top Sensor bis ISO 12800. Und umgekehrt in der Preis- und Gewichtsklasse der SL liefert die kommende 44x33mm GFX Leica S Qualität und macht damit meiner Einschätzung (sobald mehr Objektive raus sind) nach die S und SL obsolet. Und bei Fuji kann man sich sicher sein, daß es weder zu Sensor-Korosionsproblemen noch zu brechenden AF Zahnrädern kommen wird.
  5. chrismuc

    New Leica SL Lenses & Roadmap!

    Are the SL 75f2 asph. and SL 90f2 asph. lenses AF versions of the M models or new designs?
  6. chrismuc

    Zeiss Apo-Sonnar 2/135mm on SL

    IMO Leica fears the competition if they officially would allow Zeiss to offer their Loxia and Batis lenses in Leica SL mount. I think Zeiss would be interested because regarding their ZM lenses, I guess they expected to sell them mainly to users of digital Leica M cameras, less to users of their own M-mount analogue rangefinder camera. But Leica generally is not very open to cooperations with other brands. Alpa for example suggested Leica to offer a Leica S mount adapter for their FPS camera (they already have shift and non shift adapters in Canon EF, Contax 645 and Hasselblad H mounts, all with full auto-aperture and EXIF support), but no interest by Leica.
  7. chrismuc

    Zeiss Apo-Sonnar 2/135mm on SL

    Batis 85f1.8 @ f2 nervous blur?
  8. chrismuc

    Zeiss Apo-Sonnar 2/135mm on SL

    another remark: the visible color aberration at contrast edges quite easily can be reduced/removed in photoshop ACR M 135f3.4 Apo sample 1: @ f3.4 without removing (de-fringe off) sample 2: @ f3.4 with removing (de-fringe on) so one can achieve a pretty perfect image with the M 135f3.4 Apo even on the high-res Sony A7R II with a little post :-)
  9. chrismuc

    Zeiss Apo-Sonnar 2/135mm on SL

    just to show about what (low) level of aberrations we are talking here the M 135f3.4 Apo is still good ... compared to the older M 75f1.4 (non Apo) here two comparison out-of-center crops (A7R II) Leica M 75f1.4 @ f2 Zeiss Batis 85f1.8 @ f2 these recent Zeiss lenses like Batis, Loxia 21, ZE 135, Otus are REALLY good (especially for the price) (I think they don't call it "Apo" but it certainly is) (a pity that Zeiss does not seam to have the intention to offer the Batis and Loxia lenses with Leica SL mount) I don't have the M 75f1.4 any longer on hand, but I got the M 75f2 Apo I should do a new comparison :-)
  10. chrismuc

    Zeiss Apo-Sonnar 2/135mm on SL

    Chromatic means that the focal length for two wave lengths within 380-780 nm is the same Apochromatic means that the focal length for three wave lengths within 380-780 nm is the same Superachromatic (Zeiss) means that the focal length for four wave lengths within 380-780 nm is the same for all wave lengths inbetween the focal length is not the nominal means the image is not perfectly sharp the more wave lengths are in focus, the areas in between are also less out-of-focus so of course Superachromatic is better than Apochromatic is better than Chromatic but that does not mean all Apochromatic lenses are the same the Zeiss design is much newer than the Leica and therefore better corrected I use the Leica M 135f3.4 Apo on low resolution cams like my M9, there it works perfectly fine (plus little ACR post), and it is nicely small and light optically the Zeiss is unbeatable in that focal range I use it on Canon cams and Sony A7R II (with the new Sigma Canon-Sony adapter) with focus crop-zoom, one very quickly can get precise focus and it has ago-aperture, and the correct EXIF is recorded, so very comfortable enclosed a ZE 135 + A7R II sample at f2.8
  11. chrismuc

    Zeiss Apo-Sonnar 2/135mm on SL

    @ orc999 enclosed Sony A7R II crops of the Leica M 135f3.4 Apo (1. crop) and the Zeiss ZE 135f2 Apo (2. crop) - both @ f4 - both raw opened in ACR w/o any correction - both saved as jpg (9) nothing to comment, the difference it obvious
  12. chrismuc

    Zeiss Apo-Sonnar 2/135mm on SL

    The stunning thing with the Zeiss ZE 135f2 Apo is that it is as good as the Leica M 135f3.4 Apo - at open aperture! At f 3.4 the Zeiss is simply perfect, no visible aberrations across the frame.
  13. chrismuc

    Why is the upcoming Summilux-SL lens so large?

    The upcoming Leica 50f1.4 for the SL follows the same approach like the Zeiss Otus or Sigma Art lenses: As sharp and as bright as possible already at f1.4 all across the frame. This makes the lenses large. The M 50f1.4 FLE asph. (and other small lenses) show significant degration of sharpness and strong vignetting towards the edges and corners at open aperture.
  14. chrismuc

    Leica S Lens AF issue

    :: tom0511 How can be color tonality, (per pixel) sharpness, tonal transition, sharpness transition of the S "be another class", if the sensor is basically the same (if compared both CMOS versions), just the S sensor is bigger and has more pixels?
  15. chrismuc

    New 35mm Summarit 2.4

    Hi Beck, how does the M35f2.4 asph. perform on the Sony A7 (btw. which one?), especially regarding edge/corner sharpness at f2.8-f4? Is corner sharpness on the Sony A7 the same like on a Leica M or worse? Thx Chris