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  1. This interests me as there hasn't been that much talk about it. Does the M10 start up faster then the Typ240 when powered on? I find my Typ240 is a little slow from power up to being able to fire away.
  2. Wow, this would have been more practical for me. I've not used the video function nor liveview on my M Typ240 ever.
  3. Thanks . I would never do this on a digital Leica. I gathered that although the M7 isn't necessarily the most popular of the film series, it was a keeper in my Leica collection - so may as well engrave on that one which can be a hand-me-down to my kids and hopefully they'll remember their grandfather. Leica Japan is a shocker. I think if I had done this in Solms directly it would have been cheaper. However, Leica Japan doesn't just broker the work done but handled the shipment, taxes, etc.
  4. A little update to this thread. I finally got my M7 back from Solms...it was around 5-6 months. The work cost me ¥260,280 (USD$2188) for the engraving, top-plate replacement, MP-styled levers, re-leather, DX reading to optical (this is free). Somewhat pricey but I'm very happy with the workmanship. This is dedicated to my dad who passed last year, so I had his signature engraved.
  5. I sent my 13 yr old M7 off to Leica Ginza in March to have a few things changed....the MP-styled levers, a leather replacement, conversion to optical DX reading, but most of all was the engraving of my dad's signature as he passed away last year. I doubt my digital Leicas would last so thought the M7 would remain in the family passed onto the next generation. I finally got my M7 back an hour ago (6 months!) and am very happy with the work they've done on it.
  6. I'm having mine done via Leica Ginza who's sending it to Wetzlar. Initially Leica Ginza said it couldn't be done. As recommended by others here on the thread, I contacted Wetzlar directly. When they confirmed it could be done, I reached out to Leica Ginza again (since I had already sent my camera to them for other work to be done). Note that the pricing I'm providing below are Leica Ginza's pricing (they cover shipping + insurance, import/export taxes, their management fees, etc.) Japan GST incl :- ¥71,280 - plain (non logo) top plate ¥64,800 - engraving ¥87,480 - re-leather ¥36,720 - M3 (M
  7. Just a follow up on this. Thank you for the tip guys. After contacting Wetzlar directly the option is available. I hooked up my Leica Ginza contact to the chap in Wetlzar and all is good now. Thank you!
  8. Hi all, it was great pleasure to have the opportunity to meet all of you and I apologise i can't join you in your endeavours down to Kyoto. Hope you enjoyed the food tonight! I do hope we can meet all of you again in the future :-
  9. It was great meeting all of you for the first time.
  10. Simon, Very nice! You took that after the typhoon? FYI, if you check into Granbell some time today and wanna get a cuppa coffee, do let me know. My office is in Shinjuku Eastside Square (the large new building complex in the corner of the major intersection). I can come down for a cup of coffee or something. I believe you have my contact.
  11. Hi John, Once you've got your JR pass, when you arrive in Japan and at the JR station, there is an office. I believe you just have to head to that office and present your JR pass. Every JR station has an office. If you're going to the one in Shinjuku :- (JR EAST Travel Centre on the left side of the picture) http://www.jreast.co.jp/E/stations/e866.html Yes you can take a taxi to Granbell Hotel. FYI, English is probably not so widely used in Japan. You're better off printing something like 新宿グランベルホテル and showing it to them. Once you've arrived the hotel, you can ask the hotel for a bu
  12. [This post is gonna be all voer the place] Good point. Sometimes for some stations (esp busy ones with lots a ppl passing through), those barriers are already open. Please don't just walk through without putting in your ticket or touching your Suica card on the sensor. There's (obviously) a body sensor before the barriers that will detect that a person is passing through that hasn't put their ticket and the barriers will close. The logic for why they remain open (instead of closed) during busy periods is just to smoothen the flow of traffic - the assumption made though is that everyone wil
  13. The other place is Fujiya Camera in Nakano (I generally prefer to shop in Fujiya as it's a little cheaper). However when I looked at the Novaflex, my jaw dropped at the prices (imports are naturally more expensive in Japan...every layer gets their cut). Oh before I forget here are the pix around E-Hotel & Granbell. Granbell's surrounding isn't as bad as I portrayed it to be. Apologies. 1st pic: E-Hotel 2nd pic: Brown building next to E-Hotel has the entrance to Higashi Shinjuku Station 3rd/4th pic: Grandbell Hotel & surrounding
  14. No, not so much the hotel but the location bang smack in the RLD. Mind you though, Japan's RLD is mild and nothing compared to other countries (that I've lived & visited, at least). I'm about to finish work now so I can walk by & discretely take some pix off my iPhone (Sorry no Leica today ) to show the area around.
  15. How much luggage do you have? I think the distance from the Narita Express stopping in Shinjuku to E-Hotel in Higashi Shinjuku is about a 1.2km 15 minute walk. You could train it but there's no direct line. You'd have to transfer somewhere else (real PITA).
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