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    A sampling from this weekend.
  2. rcerick


    I just purchased a Voigtlander 35mm Ultron f/2 version II (released last week). Results so far are fantastic - superior in IQ, clarity and bokeh to my 35 Lux ASPH FLE and my Cron 35 ASPH. Has anyone else shot with this lens, which is said by Voigtlander to be identical optically to version I? If so, what are your thoughts? Rich
  3. Thanks, Jono. Another bright, shiny object from Leica - how nice. I shoot with the 35 Cron ASPH and 35 Lux ASPH FLE on an M10. Did you notice a considerable difference with the 35 Cron APO versus those two lenses? If so, where specifically?
  4. The auto lens sensor hasn’t worked on my M10 since I bought it. I’ve read that this is a fairly common occurrence. Short of sending it in to Leica, has anyone figured out a fix?
  5. Yes, thanks. I used bokeh but meant thin DOF (with accompanying bokeh) with the Lux f/1.4 vs the f/2 Cron aperture.
  6. I do and the Crons (35 and 50) acquit themselves extremely well in low light street shooting.
  7. Thank you, Uli. That's what I was referring to when I mentioned bokeh - the very thin DOF the Summilux can achieve wide open.
  8. After replacing my M9 with an M10 and seeing how much better it is at high ISO shooting, I wonder whether the need for Summilux lenses in low light (no flash) situations still exists. I found that 800 ISO was the upper limit for good IQ with the M9, but the M10 produces excellent IQ at ten times that setting. Since the Summilux lenses (35 and 50, specifically) are noticeably heavier and bigger than the Summicrons, what is the benefit of them now other than bokeh when wide open, which the 50 Lux (but not the 35 as much) excels at?
  9. Try a hair dryer for five seconds or so. Works like a charm on my M9 and Giottos screen protector when I’ve replaced it.
  10. Zeiss 35 2.8: file:///Users/rcerick/Desktop/L1004249.jpg file:///Users/rcerick/Desktop/L1004264.jpg
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