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  1. Yeh I must say it’s the only one I kinda liked too. It was the same price and in better condition than another used one I looked at. It came from a used Leica store. The Ltd colorful ones attract more attention and I think that’s the opposite of what you want! I love my cat too! She’s such a sweetie!
  2. The obligatory test cat shots! I bought LTM Elmar 9cm F4 and all the bits and bobs needed to mount it on my CL. It looks kinda cute. Kinda whacky as you all know. and the camera shot
  3. there is not 1 credible fact in this entire thread regarding a CL2!! Unless someone records the conversation and then posts it in here - you’ll have no facts. Nobody knows until Leica tell us.
  4. Actually no. I’m not seeking ‘attention’ thank you. This IS what I was told and it came from a GM at Leica in Australia. I don’t want to get my friend in any hot water as it was a private conversation shared between the 2 of them. oh and this entire thread is full of speculation and yet you pick out my comment and have a personal dig because you don’t like it? I have a CL too - I hope it’s not true
  5. Well.... a few weeks ago a friend of mine was told by a Leica employee that there will not be a CL2 and no more TL lenses. I wouldn’t wait for something that may never happen. The best camera is the one you can buy and use now right? I hope it’s not true. The CL is an awesome camera and this forum shows that!
  6. A star is born... maybe CL 18-56 at dusk
  7. It’s been awhile. Trying to remember how to use this thing! CL with 18-56 TL
  8. Bubbles.... adamlovesbubbles by mmanda withers, on Flickr
  9. Look at the squat my little man has going on here. We start off being so flexible, agile and able to get into these positions so easily and then we are made to sit all day in school, where slowly our bodies stop moving the way evolution built us to move...... theperfectsquat by mmanda withers, on Flickr
  10. This is as close as I get to 'birding' shot with the 55-135 just 6km out from the Melbourne City in Australia. We have a native wildlife area where birds come to bath, frolick and mate. Newells Paddock Kensington, Victoria Australia by mmanda withers, on Flickr
  11. Thank you for the kind words. Aren't they fantastic? The sound, the ground shaking, the steam billowing out - very evocative!
  12. Whoa you don't stop by for a few months and the place has been renovated Rail Victoria Steam Train going through Kensington by mmanda withers, on Flickr
  13. Ha thanks - that's my Son and my partner Thanks for your kind comments Vikas Cheers Amanda
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