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  1. The following website has a more optimistic outlook: http://www.tipa.com/en-en/awards/nissin-mg10 I quote: ....the MG10 has full-function capability with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Fuji, Four Thirds and Leica systems. I hope your test will confirm the suggested compatibility. Regards, Stefan
  2. Mein 24-70 ist im Moment auf dem Weg zum Service, gleicher Eindruck. Objektiv sehr gut von 24 - 60+/- , bei 90mm unbefriedigend, zumindest bei großem Abstand. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. I think they can (especially if not too many other body or lens dependencies exist). Leica will work against a calibration standard and this means that they need your camera body most likely as well. I understand that with the M240 body more of the body site calibration can be automated, the lens work seems to me more of a human judgement call.
  4. Thank you Brian for the reply, do you recall what kind of 3M copper tape you use? I will try to get 1181. Regarding the differences between M9 and MM9 (and M240 in my case). I have spend a lot of time adjusting the rangefinder of all three. I never managed to achieve agreement so that the Zeiss 85 F2 could be used with equal satisfaction on all three. When giving the same task to Leica ( with more/other lenses in the equation) they did not achieve this either. I now think it is not possible, especially for lenses with an inclined brass "Cam" if that is the word (like 50 Summilux). This ca
  5. This is my way of attaching the transparent adhesive tape. Cut a thin strip of a rolling dispenser and then pushed in place with a finger nail. Finally trimmed the end of.
  6. Interesting discussion. I observe backfocus with the new ZM35 as well. In my case a single layer of household adhesive cures the backfocus, my estimation is 0.038 mm thickness (10 strips stacked and then measured). My only reservation is the weakness of the adhesive. This works so well that I am reluctant to send it back. I would like to ask Lenshacker about the make of the copper tape ? I checked the 3M offerings and they indicate a thickness of the copper layer of 0.036 mm but combined with the adhesive it is 0.066 mm. Stefan
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