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  1. It is normal. When the camera is switched off, moving parts of the image stabilisation mechanism are unlocked and free to move.
  2. Nice camera, but I switched from the M system to the SL system and Q2. Not planning to buy the M11
  3. Meybe not. The new technology could be less hungry than you fear. Let's see how it works.
  4. +1 the SF40 could be a more balanced choice on the Q2
  5. After testing the SL2 I sold the entire M set and now I'm happy with my SL2 with 3 Summicron primes (and a Q2). In my honest opinion, the SL2 is a better camera and it's image quality is the very best on the market.
  6. Ralf, the summarit are very well made. I think this thread could be a comprehensive answer to you question.
  7. Andba, the best 90 is the one which best fits your rangefinder. All Leica 90 are very good or great if perfectly focused. A perfect match between camera and lens is by far more relevant than the type of lens. The perfect match is mainly a matter of luck and astrology. Try several different lenses and buy the one best matching your rangefinder.
  8. Depending on the kind of trip: M10 Elmarit 28 asph + APO Summicron 50 or SL2 + Elmarit 28 + SL 50 f2 + SL 90
  9. John, Having both the SL2 and the M10, I tried my M lenses on the SL2. comparing to other mirrorless, the SL2 is, by far, the best option for older SLR lenses and M lenses. The new Elmarit M 28 Asph and the APO Summicron M 50 are great on the SL2, but the focusing experience with wides is not the same as on the M cameras. While wide lenses are tricky to focus, the 90mm lenses are a pleasure. You easily nail focus on the eyes and image quality is gorgeous. Some older wide lenses designed for film cameras show some corner softness, nonetheless the corners are much better than on other brands with thicker IR cut glass. The weight is not a problem at all. In real use, the SL2 is very comfortable and balanced. Conclusion: get an SL2. You will love it, but keep the M10 for older wide lenses. By the way, did I tell you that the SL prime lenses are incredibly good? Some are gorgeous, the SL 90 is jaw dropping. Ciao Franco
  10. Fgcm


    +1 The 35 and the 65 on a 47Mp sensor are the right choice. You will decide what’s right for you. I love the APO 90 SL, but I use the tiny Elmarit when I need a 28. Having only SL APO is neither mandatory, nor necessary 😉
  11. Fgcm


    Hi Roy, welcome to the forum. You will love Leica cameras and lenses. The SL2 is really fantastic. I love mine.
  12. I do some motorsport shooting. Set the autofocus parameters accordingly. The SL2 is fantastic. when panning to follow cars in the box lane or on the finish line, the standard technique is prefocusing (also with Sony and Canon). take the Monza track: a GT3 on the finish line is close to 300km/h or 90 m/s. Just prefocus. In the pit lane, cars are slower, 60 km/h, but you are on the barrier between the lane and the track, so you are higher then the cars and you are too close. Again, just prefocus. another problem is the background: look around and you see a lot of structures, poles, people, walls which spoil your photos. In other words, you choose where to aim the camera to have a good spot on the track and a nice background, than you wait for cars to pass where you are aiming the camera. Again, prefocusing is the way to go. autofocus is mandatory in the box. Things happen really fast there and the SL2 is fantastic because it’s easy to choose what to focus on. you are closer to the car, but you have to choose if you want to focus the mechanic, the driver, the mirror or something else. And you must be quick or the mechanics kick you in the *** 😉
  13. Touching it, one understands why it costs more than the Sigma sibling. Very similar to the Sigma, but not the same. Leica put some magic in it. Colors are true Leica. I agree with Jono Slack: this is a true Leica lens.
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