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  1. Wimbledon Common, London Q2
  2. so been out experimenting a bit and for most scenes with a largish cloudscapes and some very bright spots I'm finding having from at least +1 to sometimes +2 is protecting the highlights (shooting in DNG). So I think you are pretty safe keeping it on at least +1.
  3. It will be interesting to see how this setting performs and we may need to add some compensation. On My Sony a7r3 and A1 when using highlight metering I add around +1.7 in compensation to get a file with no highlight clipping and better shadow detail. experimentation will be needed to get the best results
  4. Installed and all good. I had been hoping for some improvement in high iso but there you go
  5. I agree a tilting screen would be nice and if there was a decent and reasonably sized 28mm/f2 lens for my A1 I would maybe sell the Q
  6. At the Green wall in Brixton. A photo project run by 2 friends https://wallflowerbrixton.wixsite.com/wallflower
  7. I do this every time I import and it halves the size of the files!!
  8. Please not more megapixels!!! Give me a decent AF system on par with my Sony A1 and better high iso and I'd be a happy camper
  9. Tate Modern, London Q2
  10. Holborn, London. Q2
  11. hardly ever use flash but when I need them I use either my old Olympus or T20 or T32 flash units. The T20 is really small and light and with a bit of lens cleaning tissue taped over the bulb gives a nice soft light. The T32 is bigger, more powerful, has more power options and has a tilting head. Both can be picked up cheaply on ebay
  12. Incoln's inn fields, London Q2
  13. Oxford St, London Q2
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