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  1. So many people I know have Covid at moment and cases are certainly rising rapidly. Thankfully none have been hospitalised but some have been seriously unwell for a few days. I am still happy to meet outside
  2. The cutting off of the screen for the info bars with the LCD is probably the most annoying thing about the Q2 (at least for me). Yes you can turn it off but then you have no info on the most important parameters!!!! and it comes back again with a half press of the shutter. EVF is excellent. a real design mistake by Leica
  3. Just wondering if trying a full reset may help just in case something got corrupted.
  4. Looking at the figures on the ONS and other sources Covid is slowly and steadily on the rise again especially with the 2 new variants. Personally I would probably be happy to lunch with you all in an outside space so I'm wondering if the Garrick Arms is the best venue. I don't wan't to be alarmist but many of us are not as young as we used to be and I have to be careful (had the 4th booster a while ago)
  5. Tomba dei Giganti vicino Olbia, Sardegna
  6. If we are here will definitely be there for the walk but I'm still avoiding inside eating so not sure about that
  7. Olbia, Sardegna Q2
  8. Inspired my good friend and photographer Grant Simon Rogers (Uses a Leica Q) and his wonderful images https://www.flickr.com/photos/grantsrogers/
  9. I just posted them for illustration purposes to highlight the Q2 performance limits
  10. I would agree which is why I added that correct exposure is all important but all the same high iso is nit it's strong point
  11. If you get your exposure right and don't want to lift the shadows it's not so much of an issue
  12. both DNG files in lightroom Classic. Import and using the auto exposure feature
  13. Here are some sort of extreme example screen shots taken at iso 6400
  14. I can certainly see some banding there
  15. The real problem is the possibility of banding in shadow areas at anything over iso 3200 though sometimes iso 6400 can work but it is a bit hit and miss sometimes it's there and sometimes it isn't (I shoot DNG and edit in Lr Classic). On the Q I used to be able to sort this to a degree by using Nik Dfine2 but for some reason it doesn't really work with Q2 files. I am surprised that Leica sensors have never really been able to handle high iso the way my Sony's do.
  16. I'm afraid the the low light performance of the Q2 is one of it's weak points especially if you compare it to some other camera systems. I find anything above iso 3200 can get really bad banding especially if you try to pull details from shadow areas. Compared to my Sony A series cameras this is pitiful (Have the A1 and A7r3) where I can get usable files up to iso 25000.If you want to do low light night photography I would definitely wait to see what a new Q3 brings to the table. I used to love my original Q but have to say since the advances that Sony have made in tracking AF, IQ etc performance I find the Q2 to be quite primitive in comparison though all the same it can be a great image making machine in the right circumstances. some images here
  17. Brixton, London Q2
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