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  1. Thanks for your input, Jaapv! Do you mind sharing why you prefer the X2 over the X1? I had a XVario in the past and the 16MP sensor, looking in retrospect, did not impressed me as the 12MP one on the X1. I am assuming the X2 is way faster than the X1, especially in the AF department. Nonethless, my idea is to use stricly hyperfocal manual focus for street photography purposes. Thanks in advance
  2. It is interesting to stumble upon this revived post now as a few days ago I started to look for a good condition X1 to purchase. I sold mine many years ago, but as I was skimming through old digital photos, the ones I took with my X1 really stood out. I have found a nice used X2, but I believe I would be happier with the X1. Are people here still using theirs happily?
  3. I have just hung up with Leica Customer care in NJ. My camera has been there with them for exactly six months already. The estimate for getting it back to me is late May of 2018. I am really disappointed with such slow turnaround time... Currently Iam seriously considering enrolling in Leica´s upgrade program... I at least I will get a Leica camera to shoot with....
  4. They also offered me to upgrade to a Leica Q in addition to all others you listed. I am far more interested in upgrading to an M10, but that was not an available option
  5. Mainly due to 2 reasons: (i) Always got stellar service from NJ. Cant complain at all until now and (ii) The corrosion issue happend 2 weeks before Leica stop completely replacing the sensor for free. As I am currently living in Brazil I needed to move fast. I had a friend travelling from Brazil to the US and could ship the camera for from Miami to NJ. I could have done it directly from Brazil, but then I would have to pay tons of taxes.
  6. Thank you very much for your support. I will check with Wetzlar an hope to sort this repair nightmare out.
  7. Thanks for your input. I was afraid to hearing that suggestion. But it is what it is. That would be my last resort because I am currently based in Brazil. Sorting out the logistics from NJ to Brazil then off to Germany is likely to be a nightmare, not to mention import tax from US into Brazil... Oh boy...
  8. Thanks. Sounds like I am going down the same path... but a little worse: an estimate of total 36 weeks of waiting
  9. Thank you for sharing your great experience with Leica Wetzlar. I will definitely keep this in mind in the future. I always had a great experience with Leica NJ but, this time around, the waiting has been excessive.
  10. Hey Guys, My Monochrom has been seating at Leica Facility in NJ since past August. After emailing Customer Service about the status on the sensor replacement for my Monochrom, I received an email from them saying that they are currently back ordered with new sensors and I should expect at least another 24 weeks (!!!!) for the service to be completed. I believe 24 weeks seems to be excessive for any type of repair. What has been your experience with this? Is there something I can do to speed up the process? Perhaps sending it to Wetzlar? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Thanks again for your suggestion. I´ve emailed Roxana directly last sunday but still didn´t hear back from her. Perhaps she is out of office as she has always been super responsive, courteous and helpful with me in the past. Nonetheless, I´ve called one of the # you have provided me with and the problem is solved: I will send my camera in for repair! Thanks again for all your support!
  12. Dear friends, I've been a happy MM1 user since I bough this incredible camera. Few weeks ago I realized that my MM1 has been affected with the dreaded sensor corrosion problem. As far as I know, Leica is still replacing sensors for this problem for free. So I contact Leica customer support (repair@leicacamerausa.com) on June 7th without any replies from them. Last sunday, I reached out again the same email address and also emailed a Leica customer care employee. So far, I haven't heard back from them yet. Do you guys suggest any other course of action? I have always had a great experience with Leica Support but this time around, I am a bit frustrated with the lack of response on their end. I am a little anxious because I know that, starting in August, Leica wont be offering this service for free any longer. So I need to act quickly. Thanks in advance for any input!
  13. Four pics from today using my LC1 on B&W mode. Every time I pick it up (or my digilux 2) and take it for a walk, it make me think twice if I really need to buy the new LX100 or DLux.
  14. I was about to purchase the XVario 2 weeks ago and I happy that I remembered that Photokina was coming. The Dlux is exactly the camera I was looking for . The only drawback it doesn't have manual zoom ring like my digilux 2 or the XVario. Not a deal breaker for me.
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