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  1. Here is another interesting one I personally liked
  2. In Venice the other day, Los Angeles that is , and caught a few street shots of some of the displayed artists here.
  3. Why, I like this-Two Reasons 1. My dad sold packards 2. This is just a nice model that looked great to me
  4. Loved the old Hudsons I use to have own a Hornet 1952 thanks for sharing
  5. Thanks Iduna it was such a bright and sunny morning couldn't go wrong
  6. Just a few shots taken alongside runway at John Wayne Orange County CA.
  7. Ok, what car is this hood ornament from?
  8. Thanks you all sorry for not replying until now I used a Tele-Elmar 135mm F/4
  9. Here is another shot taken looking west at the same time
  10. When down in San Diego after dropping off a friend at the airport I drove around the bay and this shot was taken at 7AM .
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