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  1. I told the Dr. that the image stabilization on the Panasonic allows hand held shots that the 55-135mm can not do much less the magnification.. This is handheld but braced at 1/25th. 5.6 ISO 800. The Moon looks artificially large in this shot, but the St. Louis Arch is nine miles away. Jack
  2. The actual lens is small while the circle housing is large. They talk about using reflective paths to allow for a 1” sensor. Are there any schematics of how that works anywhere?
  3. Andba, Your plan is perfect. Beware trying the macro Elmar as it is fantastic for street work. So light and compact yet so sharp and well built. I carry it in my pocket collapsed. On the camera it looks so vintage that no one pays attention. Yes it is more expensive, but I have found I am willing to bring it along so much more often. The expensive lens you use versus the cheaper lens you leave at home means per shot, the Macro-Elmar was a better buy for me. please let us know your conclusion. Jack
  4. I have not handled the Fuji. I have handled an S for more than a decade. I love the ergonomics of the S and so have many or Leica would have made adjustments. if you printed the images from either the Fuji or the S you probably could not tell the difference. But if one handles better than the other, go with the camera that is more enjoyable to use. All this presumes you can rationalize the incremental cost of a Leica. Given that you have had an R and have a SL, it appears you can afford to pay a premium. I’m my case I tried shooting a store demo of a S for an hour. That was enough ti
  5. This lens on a CL is pretty light and easy to grasp for something that goes to 300mm.
  6. Some one might ask, "what was the crane lifting?" It was lifting an outhouse! The background is a mirrored building.
  7. I can now answer my own question. I works great on the CL and I found it superior to the Sigma 100-400 for handling and quality. See posting on this link: https://www.l-camera-forum.com/topic/321454-cl-tl-55-135mm-or-s-70-300mm-ois-macro/page/3/#comments
  8. I just got the 70-300 Panasonic and it does the job the Sigma 100-400 could not do. Better image, easier handling. No I did not test them side by side but sequentially. Yes I also have the 55-135, but the image stabilization with the Panasonic as well as the extra range is important. I bought the 55-135 for the maximum telephoto range and effective 200 is not all the range I needed, but there was no alternative two years ago. For those who wonder why not use it on a FF SL2, I don't want another camera system, and I would be cropping in the FF image to give me the same effect as the uncro
  9. I love the current design. Just received a replacement protector ring for a used lens I just bought (24mm 3.8)
  10. Yes, if you shoot a white wall, the vignette is obvious. But for normal shots it's not at all a problem and for street photography it is perfect with a zone focus. I encourage you to test it versus a modern digital lens and you will see that it is much better than you would expect for it's size and age. Once I put it on my camera, it makes me smile, and often my subjects smile too. I do not use the nice but relatively large lens shade as I normally don't use shades anyway, and this does have modern coatings and the lens is very recessed anyway. The camera with this lens is now an admitte
  11. 24mm Elmar 5.6 perspective auto aligned. Yellow filter. 1/1000 ISO 400 M10M. ( Silver Efx 3 wet rocks ) Pouring concrete again and again. this time the angle of the cranes aligned with the angel of the buildings and edges.
  12. This Thread started years ago by mentioning Wotencraft, and now you. I only now took a look at their offerings and they seem terrific. Your question was for advice on the Pilot 7L vs the Trooper M. For merely carrying an M and two lenses, I’ll consider Wotencrafts smaller options. See photos: They also have nice inserts including a very nice set of waterproof inserts.
  13. Let's get serious here; Replace the "Play" button with an "APP" button which then lets us cycle through a series of displays ala an Apple Watch. Enough with this promise of "The Essentials". Lets finally load up the M11 with more stuff than any other complex camera and win the complication contest. Note this M11 tells us when the golden hour is! The activity tracker will compare the number of shutter activations versus your friends, and the calories expended triggering the shutter. The rest of you can suggest more. I did not include the oxygen tracker but it could take a reading off
  14. I am sanding down my new jeans to make them look worn, but was disappointed that there was no brass under the blue.
  15. Harry Benz once made a bespoke camera bag worthy of holding several M10 cameras. It once appeared on his Instagram stream, not his website. Looks magical, and more like a briefcase/camera case. Seeing his level of craftsmanship makes me realize his camera straps are not only wonderful, but we’ll worth the expenditure.
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