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  1. Things I learned: The improvement in tighter rangefinder tolerance is carried over from the M10. The metering system does not use as much battery as one would assume. Leave the camera on. The reds are much more true. Closer to the S. Consider a night shot going one to three stops underexposed and adjusting in post. The cover IR and UV filter is very thin and very custom to this sensor.
  2. Get the 1.4 FLE as the very best fast 35mm until you can find the APO sometime next year. If you can find the APO now, get it and please sell it to me.
  3. So your budget could potentially include a 1.4. Then get the 1.4.but be aware it costs 50% more than a 2.0. I got a used 1.4 and haven’t looked back, but I’m in a minority here having only one 35mm.
  4. Starting with a 35mm. Is a good choice. It’s the lens I leave mounted on my M. And so many options. Size is important to me, and with higher ISO now available, 1.4 is no longer as useful, but it’s what I have. You didn’t mention your budget. Tell me that and I’ll say more.
  5. I have not experienced any problem. And as you saw from my pictures I carry the camera pretty roughly. Kevlar is a fabric unlike leather. The edges on extreme closeup have texture. The resale value of this camera is holding up pretty well if you check the bidding this week on eBay. So even with the M11 out there and the Q2 reporter, it remains a desirable camera.
  6. The best photos I've seen are by David Farkas. Scroll past the excellent review to see his photos. https://www.reddotforum.com
  7. Regarding IBIS, subject matter movement is more an issue for me than camera movement, unless shooting telephotos. Faster shutter speed with these high ISOs handles both subject movement and camera movement. I desire IBIS in the CL more because that camera I do hand off to people who shake a camera when taking a picture. I rarely hand an M to someone unfamiliar with a RF and manual focus. it’s definitely a nice to have, but not yet a have to have, anymore than AF is nice to have, but that apparently requires less compact lenses. I presume they tried to fit it into the M11, but delayed it to the M12?
  8. Tailwagger, your concern about changing cards in the field requiring removing the battery and holding the battery somewhere may possibly be easier than holding the baseplate somewhere while changing the battery or card on the M8-M10. I’ve dropped a lot of base plates in my time. Jack
  9. Why this lust for the old bottom plate? Once we left film’s back cover behind it has been totally vestal. Eleven years ago Leica showed the way with batteries without doors or flaps or covers on the S2, and then employed on the SL and Q. Faster battery change and water resistant. Finally on the M11, it’s about time. Meanwhile, I will be selling several decals that can be applied over M 11’s bottom that will be a photograph of the old bottom plate with and without the old decals, and in various colors including Safari. The decal will be static cling so when you want to change batteries the decal can be peeled back. The same technology with be used for a decal for the front of the blockish EVF. It will be a photo of the front of the 16-18-21 viewfinder glass.
  10. M10 Reporter 35mm Summilux Titanium 1/90 f1.4 200ISO. heavily cropped.SilverEfx sepia applied
  11. I've shot this before with the M10 with a macro-elmar 90, but a friend said shoot it tighter. So that required the Panasonic 70-300 on the CL. ISO 400, 1/25th f5.6 at 300mm effective 420? Handheld so image stabilization is amazing. The sun is setting in the west, this building is in the east, and is reflective glass.
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