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  1. same 24 Elmar on an M11. silverEFx conversion.
  2. Voigtlander 12mm Very handy in confined interior spaces. The camera is backed up to a wall. framing was possible using LeicaFotos. Jack
  3. Glad I got one before they discontinued. Oddly, I bought the 12mm as my first M lens even before receiving my first M camera in 10 years, an M10M. So it was my only lens for a month. I was doing a B&W interior photo shoot, and needed to go beyond 15 or 16mm. Subsequently wanted to use in for interior color. Had a choice to get a used SL and adapter, but stayed with the M and went down the Leica M rabbit hole and got a M10 P Reporter. Not much use outside for me, but great inside. Don't go crazy with it, quite often, a 24mm is a better choice for interiors. f 4 1/2 second, ISO 6400. On a tripod but framing and remote release via LeicaFotos.
  4. I have a 21, two 28s and a 24 Elmar. The Elmar is my favorite. It also is perfect for my construction project. I bought it used from David Farkas who praises the 24 Elmar highly. 24mm is regularly used on a DSLR Zoom, but for the M system, the 24 made the most sense when it was on a M8, effective focal length was displayed in the OVF. However, I use it without a EVF on an M10M even though I have a EFV. Going to the edge of the RF window works well enough and can be confirmed with LV or play. Jack
  5. https://theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2022/06/the-leica-m10-reporter-part-i-beautiful-simplicity.html
  6. More construction. M10M 5.6. ISO 160 1/750
  7. IF you have both, keep both. So says the guy who is convincing himself to do just that. I agree, the Reporter is invisible. Not enough people say that because they don't have one and have not experienced it. In 2025 maybe the M11 Reporter will be introduced and I will trade all in for that.
  8. S2 35mm. ISO 160 f4.8. 1/1000 no tripod. Waiting for the S4 mono
  9. jaapv, I have posted photos elsewhere, but I got a old Elmarit 135 2.8 for $700 and while it will not be a walking around or travel lens, it is handy on my construction project series. So thanks for getting me to try 135. Next you may try and get me to buy a modern 135? M11. ISO 800 1/1000. f5.6 cropped to 1/4 of image. I have a EVF which I do use with the 135. Hey, if there was a 300mm M I would get it.
  10. I had a lock up after leaving a EFV on. Switching to a fresh battery did nothing. so I switched batteries again , nothing. so I consulted this thread. No one had yet reported my problem. so I tried to turn it on one more time. Red flashing LED and camera tuned on! conclusion: just consult forum while camera sits.
  11. 1970. Elmarit 135mm 2.8. M10M. 1/3000 ISO 3200. 5.6 This is a crop to about one quarter of the full frame. As if the M system had a 300mm lens. But thanks to high resolution, I can get that in crop.
  12. So far, I only use it with my 135mm lens. Then it does an excellent job. I no longer use focus peaking as I found it distracting and unnecessary. Black out is an issue but some of these forum suggestions are something I will try.
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