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  1. Im not torturing the camera as you say, what do you even mean by that? pfff I just had a doubt without any panic or fear,that i wanted to see if anyone could help ... i think you do not get the ''picture'' and you have a way of writing that i find hard to cope with... the camera has a problem, now i know that for sure...but thanks for trying,even if you could not.... better days will come where you can share your 'wisdom'
  2. Steve not a 'test'... Its checking simple things out....test is just a fancy word that we like to use when we speak about this stuff on the internet, . You are right...photo is slightly out of focus...i already explained why i did that,surprised that it can be a point, its not underexposed, i did that when converting to jpg so it was easy to see the strange effect, White balance was 5000 kelvin,time of the day was 15 hour, overcast day, which should give in the area where i live around 6000 to 8000 outside, and around 5000 to 6000 inside without any artificial light source,
  3. Because i made the shot myself.... One light source, difuse sun light, Wall was flat enough, and if not the out of focus would have taken care of it...
  4. Hi lct, i apologise,i think i did not explain well on my opening post, The vertical line is not on this one, I can post it here,on jpg... I can live with the vertical line on high iso...just not sure if that can lead to other problems... So...one photo on iso 1250 has a vertical line... the posted photo above has this strange effect.. I can send you the dng, if you would like to help,i would be thankfull for your help... I just wanted to start on this one and then go to the vertical line issue, to keep it under control here...
  5. Yes i asked the seller to check that also, White balance was correct when i made the shot and i could clearly see on my screen that something was there, The auto white balance on light room i just used to enhance what i saw, The out of focus i did it on purpose, Quote from photonet... For a test shot, I intentionally over-exposed (around +1 stop) a mostly out-of-focus shot of a clear, off-white wall (in my office), popped the shot into Lightroom, did a 1:1 exam, and I cannot find a single spot. I looked several times. It appears to be perfectly clean now! I was looki
  6. Really lct? so you do not see the smear on the right side of the photo? and the colour diference? did you read that i wrote WHITE wall? no need to help but spare me ...
  7. I want to buy a M8, 2 years after i sold mine.... Could not resist temptation, I found one, in good condition, shutter replaced 3000 actuactions ago and CLA and new sensor,3 years ago... Also it come from a seller from which a i have a very good vibe... I ask him to take some shots Most are a beauty....i missed the M8 files... one has a vertical line, with iso 1250... But the white wall test confuses me.... This is a jpg, auto wb on ligh room Any ideas?
  8. Does the shutter dial locks i clicks in each speed? I went to see one yesterday and the shutter dial did not stopped firmly in each speed...
  9. Thank you all for the advice... Philip...i mean like you said it...its faded black...
  10. Thank you Azzo do you think that the shutter curtain being grey is a sign that it is at the end of its time?
  11. Im thining abou buying a M4 i have seen it and it seems in good working condition... Shutter speeds good, rangefinder good... Exterior is full of soul...i mean beaten up...i like it... Only thing i doubt is the shutter curtain...i think its called that way... It looks grey in oposition to the black of my M6... I guess it must be the original... it costs around 300 euro,the camera and its last cla was 4 years ago.... should i go for it? I want a meterless camera
  12. they charged me ...not the sensor but the works....
  13. My favorite has to be the Olympus xa Then pentax mini espio, konica big mini,yashica T4,olympus mju, nikon FE, Nikon F2 and a Yashicamat medium format... and a canon 50 mm 1.4 for my M6... No digital cameras...
  14. Just like Kosher food on airplanes.... It would protect the buyer, so i agree on that one....
  15. i Had both.... Bottom line is that the files of the M8 are much better then the ones from the Fuji...this is a personal opinion.... Just like them better.... The fuji is of course more flexible....the so trendy high iso,the hdr,etc etc... The M8 is a camera i learned not to trust....in the end damaged sensor,shutter problem, you name it.... I sold them both and use a M6 and a Xa And im happy
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