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  1. I beg to differ. The test's pretty much unfair as it takes into consideration OOC jpeg files only. As the P9 is one of the few phones capable of producing RAW files, one should focus on what's possible to squeeze out at the best of the hardware possibilities. That's what I did. Here http://forum.xda-developers.com/p9/how-to/huawei-p9-camera-thread-t3362644 there's a guy who shared a bunch of DNG files and I took the liberty of downloading, postprocessing and examining them. For what is worth, I believe that for being a mobile phone the P9 produces outstanding results which are quite comparable to those one could obtain from a point-and-shoot camera. The only other mobile phone enabled to produce DNG files I know of is the LG G4 and as far as I'm concerned, image-wise it's well below the P9. For the non believers and those who do not want to waste their time repeating what I did, here's a sample I postprocessed with RAWTherapee:
  2. Finally decided to go online myself. Here's my web page showcasing a good share of M9 taken pictures. imaginumfaber.com
  3. David, the real point is that the camera is mine, I'm the one behind the lens and it's me who decides what aperture should be set, not an engineer. Personally speaking I'm not into close range photography but in the past I did my tests with an older LTM 85mm at f1.5 at the minimum allowed distance (1m) and the result wasn't that bad either. It all depends from what one wants to achieve.
  4. I'm the happy owner of an X2 but I believe that my impressions could extend to X1 too: Higher resolution: you sure it will lead to a better image IQ or is it not rather otherwise? Many X1 owners swear their IQ being superior to that of the X2 and my X2 files can't beat those from my former M8 which was just 10 M. Faster lens: if memory serves me well wasn't this the camera whose full aperture didn't work at close range? Improved ergonomics: it's bulkier and harder to conceal, so what? If I want a camera as large as an M I get an M. If I want a compact camera I go for an XE. The X leaves me a bit cold. Closer minimum focusing: nice to have, but do you really need it? Personally speaking I don't, but that's just me. Increased sensitivity: are you really going to get a fuzzy image at 12500? IMHO 3200 is already the upper limit for that sensor. Better monitor resolution: to do what? I work with RAW files and do not have the habit of pixel peeping in the camera monitor, therefore once I know I got the picture right I do the real evaluation at home before the screen. Cheers,
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